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Good practice submission

Good practice submission

Organisation details

Please describe the main road safety challenges/problems you have addressed or are addressing. 
1st Activity: The need to continue teaching children in the following school year led us to launch this campaign aimed at young secondary school, high school and vocational training, to improve knowledge about the causes of accidents and help create preventive measures and solutions.2nd Activity: Make the school environment a safer place and introduce road safety education in the school agenda in order to teach and inspire others (students, parents, teachers, and the community).
What are your objectives? 
Facilitate the acquisition and exchange of knowledge on road safety and make them available to members of the school community, particularly the younger, to inform and raise awareness among young people about the effects that alcohol and drugs have on dri
To prevent and reduce alcohol and drug consumption of novice drivers.
Increase the perception of risk through the use of glasses that alter the perception.
Move safely out of the classroom, either on foot or by bicycle, to increase the quality of life, adquiering good habits early on and in many cases they themselves initiate a change in their families reducing the accident rate. "Today's children are tomorr
Teach and acquaint children in a fun way with traffic rules.
Controlled and organized use of the entries and exits of the school, facilitating the evacuation according to self-protection plan of the center itself.
Educating children to live with the reality of the street
Involvement of students and teachers, through different subjects in the design of the center.

Project activities

List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Friday, 4 March, 2016
Name of action 

1st Activity: This activity is carried out in two workshops:- Theory Workshop:Information is given on the influence of alcohol and drugs while driving.Both national and local accident rate statistics are disclosed.Film forum about alcohol and drug driving from different traffic campaigns and of various countries are viewed.Viewing photos of accidents provided by the local police about real accidents in the council itself.- Practical workshop:Obstacle course (mimicking those found in the street), to walk through with glasses that simulate the effects that the intake of alcohol or drugs cause (sensory perception).Skill circuit in collaboration with driving schools using the same glasses, in which the student dose three tests with the vehicle, without the glasses and then with them.Scooter / moped simulator: where the student drives though an urban circuit or interurban  first without glasses and then with.2nd Activity: This activity is a common educational practice and is part of the educational process, integrated into the academic activity of the centers and that is done on a daily basis, every time children enter and when they leave school and go from one classroom to another, etc... meeting traffic regulations regarding use of lanes, yields, stop, traffic roundabouts etc.Children learn from early on to move according to the traffic rules and also actively participate in its development through the design and manufacture of road markings, signs etc. for which they use different materials templates and colored tape, etc.We take into account their views and contributions aimed at improving the tolerance and traffic through surveys or comments.


What has been the effect of the activities? 
1st Activity: Recently there has been an evaluation, with the data provided by the local police in Naron, noting that since the beginning of the driver education program of this council in 2008,the number of traffic accidents was reduced by 52.5% in the population under 24 years and 80% in the combination of car-alcohol-weekend, reducing to zero the number of deaths, very seriously wounded and seriously wounded in this age range2nd Activity: In 2014 the Mapfre Foundation conducted an audit in our municipality in order to assess through surveys of students, parents and teachers the perception that users have of road safety in Naron, after relevant work, it is considered that one of the best proyects is the constuction of a permanent road park inside the school, which won in 2011 through school Solaina the award for “Ponle freno junior” in its 3rd edition, by the Civic Platform of Road Safety "Ponle freno - Antena 3 TV". According to the evaluation,with data provided by the Local Police, accidents have been reduced to zero in school environments.
How have you shared information about your project and its results? 
1st Activity: With the following quote of a student that participated in the workshop, "I've learned to never drive if I drink, I do not want to try this experience after participating in this drill, it's terrible," the driver education program of the City of Naron achieved the Award for "Best Action for Road Safety" by the Civic Platform of Road Safety "Ponle freno - Antena 3 TV".This award has special importance since it was internauts nationwide who decided with their votes, to give the City Council of Narón this award, supporting the road safety education campaign and dangers of alcohol and drugs at the wheel, aimed at secondary and high school students.2nd Activity: This activity has had a great impact on the media since the beginning given the commitment that our town has to driver education and to extend the program developed by this team involving the entire community: companies, associations, institutions, research institutes, universities and schools, of which we have received recognition and their actions based on our work confirmed this.
How many people did you reach/have you reached? 

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