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Good practice submission

Organisation details

Please describe the main road safety challenges/problems you have addressed or are addressing. 
Autostradafacendo/Trip2life is promoting road safety public awareness. The promoters, through a large group of experts, translated the experience of motorways' operation into "driving behaviours" and defined key messages to reach, in a smart and effective way, all kinds of audience. Artists in the team, the use of the cartoon technique made possible some key products targeting young people and children. Products are diffused in motorways, web, schools, etc.
What are your objectives? 
The project target user's behaviours, believing in man: people better informed can become leaders towards the improvement
The project started from behaviours of key importance for road safety in motorway.
After an evaluation process of different actions performed it was decided to specially focus on young people, consequently developing risk for young people (e.g. downtown risks)
The scientific part is grounded on European and overseas research (e.g. the toons of the campaign are coming from the psychological profiles of the European research "Icarus" - here an example of toon and here its match with the Icarus profile)

Project activities

List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Tuesday, 1 January, 2013
Name of action 

The Campaign is articulated on many activities and initiatives, targeting different objectives. A special attention is paid to youth. The key numbers of the Campaign may be resumed as follow:CHILDREN- 13.000 children’s album to be colored (over two concepts of album). Here album according concept 1. Concept 2 is an evolution coming from the experience and feedback from the users;8.000 copies of brochure “Journalism championship” distributed at Lombard schools issued in collaboration with the daily newspaper “QN-Il Giorno”;- 75.000 game schedule for the educational activities of the "blue bus" in partnership with Ministry of Homeland Affairs (traffic police dpt.);- 40.000 road safety games including schedule, instructions, markers, motivational letter from authorities and motorway operators and 80.000 dices (Autostradopoli/trip2life game);- 2.000 little bags for car with message on protecting little boys;- 500 "giant" copies of the road safety game Autostradopoli/trip2life for public events and community gaming;TEENAGERS- 107.000 copies of brochure “Safety Snapshots” distributed at schools in Italy over three years. An initiative of: Prime Minister Office, Ministry of the Public Instruction, Ministry of Homeland Affairs, MOIGE (parent’s association), Confarca, Bosch and Goodyear;- 5.000 toolkits for high school teachers, delivered at National scale by the Traffic Police within the frame of ICARO, the National Program for road safety education;50 behaviors on the "wheel of road safety" game;14 toons showing all the driver behaviors designed in line with European research “Icarus”;- 8.000 high visibility bracelets distributed among young people;4 characters of the series "superSafety" for teenagers;ADULTS- 55.000.000 of safety messages distributed at tollbooths through toll tickets on 1.400 km on the motorway network;2.350.000 copies of newspapers with a full page interviews on road safety on the national newspaper QN-Il Giorno (25 interviews);30 monthly pages on LeStrade Magazine showing specific road behaviors;3 issues of the survey on "numbers of road safety" (in Italian "lo spread della sicurezza stradale") published on LeStrade Magazine ALL: CHILDREN - TEENAGERS - ADULTS- 328.000 flyers regarding 52 safety behaviors on the road (available in two languages);- 2.500.000 visited web pages (average reading time 2 min 46 sec for an overall 100.000 hours of reading time), 3.000 web site pages and contents including 580 articles, 400 videos and 150 pics, statistics on road safety, the road code, studies, promotional material, pdf, news, etc;- 230.000 bookmarks designed in cooperation with the United Nations and the Italian Ministry of Transport delivered during the global road safety week;- 68.500 bookmarks with 50 different safety messages/behaviours and 66 different designs of bookmark;- 15.000 institutional fliers for the National Program of Road Safety Icaro;- 13.400 calendars (over 5 years 2012-2016);5.000 subscribers of the monthly newsletter on road safety (38 monthly issues already published);100 display units for the diffusion of fliers;70 different posters;OTHER ACTIVITIESA few pages from the web may resume some of the key points of the work performed: Italian - behavioral cartoons in Englishlist of behavioral cartoons in - Italian presentation of the campaign with links to relevant - Homepage of the portal/toolkit for Italian high school - daily news on road safety in three languages (Italian, French and English) - all educational Italian materialLeaflets in English and other educational - google search page with road safety news displayedThe 2016 calendar "SuperSafety" first publishing of the new format with road safety superHeros conceived for teenagers


What has been the effect of the activities? 
Several activities were subject to evaluation, examples:• toll ticket campaign was tested through the ordinary process of "customer satisfaction" of A10 Motorway. Studies demonstrated that 25% of users remembered and highly appreciated (rate 4.6/5) the initiative (delivering 55.000.000 road safety messages).• a benchmark study of web sites was performed in 2012 with a 2013 recap. It demonstrated that Autostradafdafacendo had a fair public, in line with good sites of this kind;• debriefing are organized after activities. For instance, within the training of 150 Police officers (Icaro) a debate was promoted to discuss the contribution of Autostradafacendo.• the feedback from 64 schools was collected within "istantanee di sicurezza".
How have you shared information about your project and its results? 
Experts of Autostradafacendo promoted road safety in primary schools, in high schools, in universities and even in kindergartens. Three additional examples of dissemination: • In partnership with the regional Government of Piemonte, (may 2015), ten SIAS staff along two days met classrooms and the general public downtown Torino (art1, art2, art3)• Presented as Italian best practice at the "5th European Youth Forum For Road Safety" held in Crotone (November 2013) and coordinated by Responsible Young Drivers and DG MOVE.• Presented into the European Parliament (March 2013), within a joint ASECAP-TRAN MEPs Road Safety Event.
How many people did you reach/have you reached? 

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