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Good practice submission

Please describe the main road safety challenges/problems you have addressed or are addressing. 
The Fondation de la Route is doing road risk prevention actions to everyone, of all ages (young, active and senior). The actions take the form of playful and interactive formations, conferences and workshops with a lot of different tools like shock simulator, rolling-car simulator, Ergovision, a car driving simulator…This foundation was created by the convergence of several important elements:• The number of deaths on the road • The Knowledge of MGET members of "road" because they are men and women who maintain the equipment and think the roads • The activism: DNA of MGETThe combination of these three factors presided over the creation of the Foundation. Its aim is to give a different message, not guilt with many pedagogy in order to improve road safety.
What are your objectives? 
The goal is to provoke among users awareness of road risks and take action to reduce it.
Our actions are made to encourage road users to adopt more responsible behavior, to improve safety on the road and to inform people of the actions to reduce the risks of the road.

Project activities

List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Tuesday, 1 January, 2013
Name of action 

The Fondation de la Route has multiple of actions and tools to prevent the risks on the road.First, there are the actions for well-defined targets : - Actions in pre-school and primary school : the goal is to sensibilize the childrens by make them know the road signs. First, there is an theoretical approch to a road track; then a quizz game and a road track with differents road signs where the childrends can ride with their bikes.- Village Youth Emergency: the target is the teenagers. With our tools like shock simulator, rolling-car simulator, Ergovision, a car driving simulator, the teenagers are doing a learning path with a lot of activities.  During these events the Gendarmerie , Police, Fire Brigade and the Red Cross are presents to explain their job and to prevent teenagers in their own ways- Village Road Emergencies : this action aims all the road users, especially the adults. All our tools and our partners are presents.- Senior of the road : This action is made for the seniors, for those who have spent their driving license a long time ago and for those who want to feel more secure, or simply re-acquaintance with the new rules of the road safety.- Road risk prevention formation in companies : this formation respond to the needs of the company. All the tools are available depending on the demand.Then, there are specialized actions : - Conference about "avoid the risk of drowsy driving" : with an expert of the subject, to give advice and informations- Conference about “Awareness on active products (alcohol, drugs)” : with an addiction expert, the conference hightlight the consequences of drinking alchohol or taking drugs on driving.- Eco-Driving Formation : it’s about to sensibilize drivers about the road safety and eco-driving behaviorFinaly, there are our tools : - Auto and Moto Driving simulators : Highlight the errors of conduct of the drivers- Frontal shock simulator : Inform drivers and non-drivers of the reality, the violence and the rapidity of a shock at low speed.- Rolling-car simulator : inform drivers and non-drivers of the importance of wearing a seat belts- Ergovision : inform of the importance of the sight in driving, test the sight.- Alcohol and drugs  course : with glasses which simulate the alcohol or drugs vision. Highlight the effects on the sight.-  The Highway code : introduce the main principles of the Highway code, reminisce it to the drivers and inform about the new regulations The Fondation offers tailor-made actions to respond to clients needs. 


How have you shared information about your project and its results? 
The Fondation de la Route is publicised in multiple of local and national newspaper and websites (France Bleu, le Courrier de l’Ouest, Ouest France, la Montagne, Haut Anjou). The Fondation is present in multiple organised events. Cities and prefectures organised a lot of events with the Fondation de la Route like the Téléthon, Sur la Route de Fanny, Fête de la Mobilité, Don du Sang, Semaine de la Courtoisie etc.)
How many people did you reach/have you reached? 

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