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Good practice submission

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Please describe the main road safety challenges/problems you have addressed or are addressing. 
Cartoons concerning road safety issues can build the base for an approach to modern road safety problems, discussions, analyses and awareness regarding road behavior and safety and, ultimately, contribute to the promotion of road safety education.Teachers or whoever can download the cartoons, the audiovisual material, the texts and sketches of the course and use them in class the way you think, according to the lesson you teach or the educational program you carry out, the level and dynamics of the class and the time you can spend.

Project activities

List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Saturday, 1 January, 2011
Name of action 

In the road safety education program titled “Tomorrow I will be the one who drives”, we use cartoons concerning driving behavior, car accidents and their causes and safe driving. These cartoons are used, together with additional audiovisual material and texts as well as visits in local road safety parks (if there are any), in order to raise the children’s awareness of subjects concerning road safety, make them learn and get acquainted with the traffic signs and rules for both drivers and pedestrians, consider their own as well as the general behavior and the causes and impacts of car accidents and thus to become better drivers, both now and in the future. The idea consists at first in interpreting (from a philological, aesthetical – artistic and ecological point of view) the material presented to the students. Then, starting from the comprehension of the cartoons, the participating students are urged to create their own relative texts, cartoons or other art works.Presentation of the Program “Tomorrow I will be the one who drives”.Three national Cartoon contests in collaboration with Educational Dept of Serres under the auspices of The Ministry of Education in Greece. (in 2013 more than 8000 student-works and 595 schools and 950 teachers involved)Ten Seminars for teachers all over Greece for the innovative program and how it works (theoretical seminars about the multi and practical seminars)More than hundred visits in schools (private and public)Publish a book with cartoonsPublish an exercise book with cartoons for elementary studentsCreate six cartoon animations with different themes of rad safety (use of mobile, alcohol, speed etc)Create Campaign for the use of Helmet with a NGO Efthita with leaflet, cartoon animation, t-shirts with the message.Organise in Kremasti-Rhodes two years a Road Safety Festival where all the town involved.  Students wrote songs about Road Safety, present a theatrical sketch, playing with their parents games about Road Safety “rules”.In 2016Preparing the 4th national Cartoon ContestPreparing seminar about Education in Germany (Westfallen-Rhein territory)Educational Seminars in the Greek Car MuseumContinuous visits in schools

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