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Good practice submission

Please describe the main road safety challenges/problems you have addressed or are addressing. 
We do not accept any death or serious injury as inevitable.Especially pedestrians must be viewed as the innocent victims of growing vehicle usage. We are focusing on taking a new way of responsible behaviour from both sides on the road- the pedestrians and the drivers. With a few events and initiatives. With that we create a scense of impatience for the basic reasons of death and injuries on the road: high level of speed, usage of alcohol, unpresence of safety belts.We know that setting self examples is one of the most influencial ways. That is why we give examples with famous singers, people of the culture as ambassadors of the road safety.“Voice to the heaven” is a charity concert in memory of the death people on the roads.The basic aim is a prevention of road accidents.In a way to make the people take part, we united the most famous singers in the country. They sing with an charitable aim to build new pedestrian areas, walkways and to improve road safety.With this project we create social decision and develop a new road safety model.

Project activities

List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Sunday, 17 June, 2012
Name of action 

The key word of creating and development of this project is “ empathy”. “Voice to the heaven” started with an aim to unite the community, to honor the victims of road accidents and to stay against the violence on the roads. The essence of the problem with its real names and human stories increase the sensibility to the problem. The cooperation of the most famous musicians in the country as ambassadors of the road safety mission insures high level of engagement and motivate the community. By that time with the income from the concerts we support the development of the road infrastructure and we create more safe terms of living.The circle “road safety” is complicated but our hard work is adressed to one of the basic elements- the society. Public opinion represents a key stimulus to political for road safety. It will always be easier for a government to make road safety a priority if the public supports the effort.With “Voice to the heaven”we have created absolutely new road safety vision. We believe that expectations need to be set around the highest level of social behaviours and resources needs are not simply financial. We influence to the people apart of that some of them are the politicians thanks to whom are created and controled the norms for the movement on the roads.Pointing to the social cost of road crushes we create stable connections between the society,the medias,the government and the basic problem- the death and the high level of trauma on the roads. This project give greater weight to road safety and human values. Supported by the government and the municipality “Voice to the heaven”has became a charity tradition with a mission and gave a new image to the community of the road safety in Bulgaria.“Voice to the heaven”is one of the biggest charity events in Bulgaria and the biggest one for road safety in our country.The total number of viewers of the concert from its beginning until today is more than 25 000 people.


What has been the effect of the activities? 
During the years “Voice to the heaven” attracts not just more public and cooperation from the institutions,but more celebrities who want to take part. Except the music that place on the video wall,on the scene,are played informational- cultural clips for road safety as well as the personal messages of celebrities. One of the first interested in the activity was the wold known author Jorhe Bucay. In the times the count of the interested people grew up and made our idea more serious event regarding to the community.
How have you shared information about your project and its results? 
“Voice to the heaven”is happy to have a wide public and be well- known. Because of its merits and because of the names taking part in the concert he takes part actively in the information channels as on country level as in worldwide level. In the Internet are also shared moments of our concerts, of course. Our partners are national medias, who support us.

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