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E-RESCUE: "Life Safer Seats" for buses and cars - Reducing by 50% the number of road victims

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E-RESCUE: "Life Safer Seats" for buses and cars - Reducing by 50% the number of road victims

Organisation details

Innovation & Safety S.L. (E-RESCUE)
Contact name 
Sergio De Rico Herrero
Telephone number 
+34 630 333 523
Please describe the main road safety challenges/problems you have addressed or are addressing. 
The technology can’t avoid all kind of road accidents. So, we focus in creating the “Life Saver Seat” solution to make the rescue of victims faster and more save. We reduced the rescue time by 70%, and thus reduced the number of road victims by 50%!! The problem during the rescue process is: ( ) - to have in place all the rescue material needed - to have enough space to work in the correct way The E-RESCUE System transforms a normal seat into a "Life Saver Seat": ( ) - In every seat there is all that is needed to immobilize the victims against the backrest to protect his back (preventing spinal cord injuries) and the special removable anchorage system makes it possible to remove the seat from the vehicle and extract the victim with it. - this is the first time that we install in vehicles a safety system focused on making the rescue of the victims easier after a crash... it is not only a new safety device, but also a new kind of safety onboard call "Post-Accident Safety".

Project activities

If you work together with external partners, list the most important partners and briefly describe their role. 
We implemented our project without partners.
Please describe the project activities you carried/are carrying out and the time period over which these were implemented. 
We implemented an innovation project supported and funded by the European Commission (SME INSTRUMENT - PHASE 2). It took from the 1fst May 2019 to the 28th February 2022. In our project we have overcome 3 market barriers: - approving our device for each seat model design selected for each bus model (HOMOLOGATION). - publicizing this radically new concept of safety device (COMMUNICATION CAMPAING) - teaching the rescue teams how to work with it (TRAINING RESCUE TEAMS). --------------------------- I- HOMOLOGATION: --------------------------- The goal was to develop the homologation test for our universal mechanism (named MEC-UNI) that allows us to introduce E-RESCUE from the beginning of the value chain. E-RESCUE needs to be installed at the factories. Work performed in this field: ==> We scheduled on time 107 homologations tests for 14 seat/bus pair *Video: Homologation tests process R80 ( ) ==> Thanks to the homologation process, 5 bus manufacturers and 4 seat manufacturers currently offer E-RESCUE in their sales portfolio E-RESCUE as an option. *Video: Summary Video 3 (from min 1:45 to 3:06) ( ) ==> E-RESCUE is on the worldwide market ==> Currently we are discussing the homologation process with others bus and seat manufactures. ----------------------------------------- II- COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN: ----------------------------------------- A huge communication campaign was performed all along the project. Here we summarise the biggest milestones achieved: ==> We built a demo bus to teach the rescue professionals and to broadcast our technology. *Video: The Safest bus in the World - E-Rescue - H2020 Project ( ) ==> With our demo bus we did 9 roadshows in Europe, With high media coverage and meetings with stakeholders and important people for our project. *Video: Paris, Luxemburg, Amiens ( ) *Video: Comunidad Valenciana ( ) *Video: Barcelona and Guadalajara ( ) *Video: Sevilla and Cordoba ( ) *Video: Mallorca ( ) *Video: Galicia ( ) *Video: Madrid ( ) *Video: Torrelodones ( ) *Video: Linares ( ) ==> From stakeholders we got letters of support and recommendations. We confirmed that E-RESCUE officially scores in bus lines public tenders !! ==> On November 2021 we presented E-RESCUE at the National Congress of French Federation of Firefighters. ==> National Spanish TV made a reportage of E-RESCUE and has a huge mediatic impact. *Video: ( ) ==> We organized 2 visits into our factory: Deputies from the Spanish congress visit us… that help us to make E-RESCUE score in public tender. *Video: ( ) *Video: ( ) ==> We always work so that each of our activities and actions become news in the media. ==> We are constantly making videos of our activities and progress. ( ) ==> We have a presence on social networks. ==> WE WON THE HIGHEST ROAD SAFETY AWARD AND WE RECEIVED IT AT THE SPANISH SENATE. ( ) --------------------------------------- III- TRAINING RESCUE TEAMS: --------------------------------------- During our roadshows and rescue drills we have already trained more than 1.000 professionals in the use of E-RESCUE. ( ) =============================================== WE HAVE CHANGE FOR EVER THE WAY WE RESCUE CRASH VICTIMS !! LET'S SAVE LIVES ALL OVER THE WORLD !! ===============================================
List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Monday, 6 June, 2022


What has been the effect of the activities? 
* We are homologated with 5 bus manufactures and 4 seat manufactures ==> E-RESCUE is installed from the factories so we are on the international market * We equipped more than 120 buses with our E-RESCUE system (more than 6.000 "life saver seats").. our technology is on the roads and more sales are on the way. * We are a pioneer in post-accident safety devices. * We got the support from the stakeholders and public administration. E-RESCUE is demanded and scored in bus public lines tenders. * We trained more than 1.000 firefighters and rescue professionals * E-RESCUE is well known by the rescue professionals and they support our technology: they said that "E-RESCUE must be in all types of vehicles" ================================================================= In a few words: " E-RESCUE REDUCES THE RESCUE TIME BY 70% THUS REDUCES THE NUMBER OF VICTIMS BY 50%" " WE HAVE CHANGED FOREVER THE WAY WE RESCUE CRASH VICTIMS" " WE CREATED THE ONLY TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN HALVE THE CURRENT NUMBER OF ROAD VICTIMS" ==================================================================
Please briefly explain why your initiative is a good example of improving road safety. 
We faced the road safety problem with a new perspective... it is impossible to avoid all types of road accidents... so we need to improve new safety devices to make the rescue process faster and safer ==>POST ACCIDENT SAFETY IS THE NEXT STEP IN ROAD SAFETY AND E-RESCUE SYSTEM IS THE PIONEER IN THIS NEW ROAD SAFETY FELD. In a few words: - in airplanes, if you land in the water, we have lifejackets... - in boats, if its sinks, we have lifeboats... - in buildings, if there is a fire, we have fire hoses for the fire brigades... ==> in vehicles we have nothing onboard to make rescue faster and easier... ==> the E-RESCUE "LIFE SAVER SEATS" IS THE GAME CHANGER TECHONOLOGY IN ROAD SAFETY !!
How have you shared information about your project and its results? 
Every step in our project was documented and broadcast with amazing videos: ( )

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