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Walking and cycling: latest evidence to support policy-making and practice

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A new publication from the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) titled “Walking and cycling: latest evidence to support policy-making and practice” was launched on 3 June 2022 for World Bicycle Day.

Active travel modes, walking and cycling in particular, are now widely recognised as equal to other urban transport modes, integrated in planning frameworks, and adopted as part of the mainstream. The benefits society can reap from active travel in terms of transport, health and environment are supported by a growing body of scientific evidence.

This publication therefore presents a comprehensive case for why and how to promote walking and cycling as active travel modes, based on the latest evidence from scientific research and planning practice.

It is addressed to a broad spectrum of readers with the aim to create greater awareness, commitment and capacities to effectively govern sustainable transport developments so that their benefits can be maximized, and any risks understood and properly managed.

The publication presents the latest trends and policies around urban mobility and transport, and prospects for increased active travel. It explores changes in transport policy and planning practice, arguing for an evidence-based approach to promoting walking and cycling.

Next, the scientific evidence is presented on the range of benefits society can reap in terms of climate, environment, mobility and well-being, followed by an overview of measures and policies used to promote active transport.

To access the publication, click here.