European Road Safety Charter

TRIMIS (Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System)

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Many EU and nationally funded projects are helping the EC reach its zero road-deaths target by 2050. The European Commission recently reported that while EU road fatalities in 2021 were well below pre-pandemic levels more needs to be done to reach the target of zero road deaths by 2050. 

There are many current EU and nationally funded projects that address road safety issues to make EU roads safer. One resource for projects and documents highlighting research and innovation into road safety is the TRIMIS (Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System) database.

TRIMIS is managed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission and is an integrated transport policy-support tool that provides open-access information on transport research and innovation (R&I), including projects and documents relevant to road safety. 


TRIMIS also helps the development and monitoring of the Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA), which outlines 7 thematic transport R&I priorities:


The TRIMIS Search hub can be used to explore road safety news, documents and projects. Some examples include:

  • In Slovakia, how to educate road users, especially children, young drivers and the elderly, on road safety (2010-2030).
  • how to include road safety in the implementation of transport infrastructure projects in Slovenia (2013-2022).
  • SLAIN (2019-2021) that assessed how to save lives through safety performance management of TEN-T core networks in 4 European countries (Croatia, Italy, Greece and Spain). 
  • and, a document that explores ‘artificial Intelligence in automated driving: safety and cybersecurity challenges’, which are key to securing the many benefits that automated driving can bring to society.


H2020-funded projects relating to road safety on TRIMIS include:

  • Drones4Safety (2020-2023), which aims to increase the safety of the European civil transport system by building a cooperative, autonomous, and continuously operating drone system that will be offered to railway and bridge operators to inspect their transportation infrastructure accurately, frequently, and autonomously.
  • SAFE-UP (2020-2023) aims to proactively address the upcoming safety challenges of Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs) by developing innovative technologies, testing and assessment methods in which safety will be of the highest priority. 
  • InfraROB (2021-2025) aims to reduce workers’ exposure to live traffic and construction machines terby increase the safety of road users and increasing the availability of the transport network, as well as reduce the cost of repetitive tasks.
  • VIRTUAL (2018-2022) aims to improve the safety of road users by providing procedures and open access tools to assess the benefit of novel safety systems. The goal is to establish a European based global hub for Open Source Virtual Testing (OpenVT) and to demonstrate its success in traffic safety. Open Source Human Body Models of both men and women will be made available in a format that is scalable to represent different ages and sizes of car occupants, vulnerable road users, and users of public transport.

Visit resources on TRIMIS here.