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Our May 2022 newsletter is out!

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Welcome to our May newsletter!


In this edition, we highlight the importance of our members’ public commitment to road safety which not only enables others to learn and become inspired via the examples posted on our website, but it also focuses our members to take concrete actions and assess progress towards their commitment. 

So if you are already a member of our Charter community and have not yet made your commitment, then we urge you to do so and sign it today.

We then move on to the latest updates in road safety across the EU, most excitingly to our Excellence in Road Safety awards 2022 that are now open for applications until 6 June!

We then talk about other initiatives across Europe including the new Always Alert campaign in Belgium educating drivers, and a new study in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on two-wheelers. 

Lastly, we showcase a few events to look forward to in Copenhagen, Vienna and Brno.

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