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The Excellence in Road Safety Awards 2022 is an annual opportunity to recognise the contributions of our community of members towards the common goal of improved road safety across Europe. Taking place on 17 October, this year there were 4 categories in which the very best initiatives were spotlighted; Component of a Safe System Approach, Professional Drivers, Young People, and Technology.

This year’s winner in the Component of a Safe System Approach category is Zavod Rescue Belt (Zavod Reševalni pas) from Slovenia. We would like to extend our congratulations for their hard work in making roads safer! 

Zavod Reševalni pas was founded by a firefighter and paramedic who experienced first-hand the devastating impact traffic congestion can have on reaching road traffic victims. This initiative began by raising awareness and knowledge of the importance of creating a ‘rescue belt’ or ‘life lane’ to allow emergency vehicles through in congested areas. This campaign was developed with limited resources and has now reached over one million people on social media – over half of the population of Slovenia. 

Zavod Reševalni pas has also recently been invited to the National Assembly where they assisted in creating a legal amendment supporting this action. Law enforcement officers have also started to hand out penalties in support of this act.  

If you’d like to see more about the Zavod Reševalni pas initiative and the work they do, watch the video below or click here to read their full good practice submission



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