European Road Safety Charter

Excellence in Road Safety Awards: Commission rewards initiatives in Slovenia, France, the UK, Spain and Hungary

Excellence in Road Safety Awards: Meet the six winners in 2018


The annual Excellence in Road Safety Awards recognizes innovative and inspirational practices carried out by members of the European Road Safety charter.
This year’s ceremony took place on the 26th of June 2018 in Brussels and gathered non-governmental organizations, private and public authorities as well as prominent personalities working on road safety in Europe. During the ceremony, the European Commissioner for Transport Violetta Bulc rewarded the six winners for their actions taken in order to improve road safety and save lives on our roads.
Meet this year’s winners
Six members received the Excellence in Road Safety Awards 2018, distributed over five categories.
In the category ‘Association’:
VOZIM from Slovenia for their "Heroes drive in pyjamas" campaign
VOZIM, Institute for Innovative Education is a non-profit, non-governmental organization from Celje (Slovenia), founded in February 2010. The institute aims at raising awareness on the consequences of road crashes and promotes responsible behaviour on the Slovenian roads.
The “Heroes drive in pyjamas” campaign addresses the problem of driving under the influence amongst youngsters and the so-called “disco-crashes” by making parents, who drive their children to/back from parties, real heroes. The campaign was rewarded for its innovative and holistic approach gathering municipalities, enforcement authorities, the private sector, the youngsters and their parents.
Association Prévention Routière from France for their “Ville Prudente” label
Association Prévention Routière was created in 1949 with the objective to encourage the initiatives working on reducing the frequency and the consequences of road crashes in France. 
The “Ville Prudente” label, literally “Safe City”, was launched in November 2017 with the idea to encourage efforts undertaken by local authorities to improve road safety in their environment. The project is rewarded for the way the help brought to local authorities in identifying their road safety problems and the best responses to fight them back.
In the category ‘small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)’:
Community Speed Watch Online from United-Kingdom for their software
Community Speed Watch (CSW) is a national initiative in the UK where local volunteers, with the support of police forces, monitor the speed of vehicles by using speed detection devices. The main objective of CSW is to inform people and educate them in (anti-)social driving and more specifically the problem of speeding on local roads.
CSW Online is a web platform that has been created by software engineers in order to modernize the activities of CSW by co-ordinating the groups with regards to the standards and methods they use. The project is rewarded for bringing the profile and effectiveness of CSW to a higher level as a way of residents to support the police in tackling local issues. Another advantage of this project is that the technology, the organisation and methodology can be transferred and easily adapted to any country with comparable problems and conditions such as those in the UK.
In the category ‘Large businesses’:
Aigua De Rigat SA from Spain for their road safety management model
Aigua de Rigat is a large company that is in charge of water distribution in the region of Catalonia in Spain. After a mobility diagnosis, the company integrated road safety in their labour risks prevention plan and they obtained the ISO 39001. The company has now developed a road safety management system based on the ISO 39001:2013 and they export the model to other companies of the mother group (Suez Water Spain Group).
The company has been rewarded for her holistic road safety management model that can easily be transferred to other companies of the same size or profile.
In the category ‘Local/Regional/National authorities’:
Concello de Narón  from Spain for their road safety program
Narón is a large town of 39 574 inhabitants, located  in the northwest of Spain. Although Narón is not a big city, it has a large number of schools: twelve public schools and fourteen private schools.
Taking responsibility for the safety of the children, the department of education of the city developed a program that consisted of a series of experimental measures.  The program was developed in collaboration with the whole community of Narón and is rewarded for this and the innovative character of the initiative.
In the category ‘University/research institute’:
KTI research institute from Hungary for their “Two-wheeler school”
KTI Institute for Transport Sciences is a non-profit research institute in the field of road safety, environmental protection, transport energy use and application of intelligent technologies. They cover the entire transport sector with respect to the different ways in rail, road, inland water and air transport.
The program of the Two-Wheeler school, developed in collaboration with “Honda safety Hungary”, is based on the strategy and principles of the “Life on the Road Program”, as part of the National Road Safety program. The project is rewarded for its scientific-based educational approach.
The Jacques Barrot Prize
For the third time in a row, a special prize dedicated to Jacques Barrot, former European Commissioner for Transport, has been given by the public present at the ceremony. The Jacques Barrot Prize was awarded to the VOZIM institute for their “Heroes drive in Pyjamas”  campaign.
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