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11th Responsible Driving Barometer survey published

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The 11th Responsible Driving Barometer survey was conducted by Ipsos and published by The VINCI Autoroutes Foundation.

In total, 12,400 people in 11 European countries took part in this wide-ranging survey that provides an overview of the behaviours of Europeans behind the wheel.


Key findings included:-

  • 77% of European drivers who take liberties with the traffic code do the same with public health guidelines 
  • 11% have had or nearly had an accident because they were using their phone while driving
  • 12% have had or nearly had an accident due to falling asleep at the wheel 
  • 84% have felt afraid of other drivers aggressive behaviour


"Whether they are part of the traffic code or public health guidelines, rules are often seen more as constraints than as a form of protection. When drivers allow themselves to bend the rules a little, they are focusing on their immediate benefit and ignoring the potential risk of an accident, hoping that they are in enough control to avoid it. The vast majority of accidents, however, occur when people have not fully accounted for the risks of violating the traffic code."

Bernadette Moreau, General Delegate of the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation for responsible driving

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