European Road Safety Charter


The audience targeted by the programs being implemented is Kindergarten, Elementary and high school students. It is known that, from the earliest infancy, information is recorded indelibly in the infantile brain. Children learn from images-examples and are educated accordingly. The images that are...
Promocionar el uso de bicicletas publicas
Implantación de un Plan de Movilidad para la reducción de los accidentes laborales, en especial de tráfico: ya sean “in Itínere” o "en misión."
L'elevata incidentalità stradale in Italia, con conseguente alto numero di morti e feriti.
To inform and raise awareness amongst pupils primarily and in the field of road safety. Furthermore, to the consolidation of the causes and consequences of traffic incidents. Moreover, to contribute to the conformation of informed road users.
- Baja concienciación en la utilización de transporte sostenible y público.<br>- Excesivo uso de transporte privado, con un gran volumen y movimientos de tráfico en ciudades, lo que a su vez aumenta el riesgo de accidentes, y por lo tanto el peligro. <br>- Bajo uso de transporte público...
Lack of promotion to participants from public authorities (Education organization)
We all know that Children try and copy their parents behaviour in almost all aspects and same is the case in driving and when they are on road,in India almost all children learn road safety from their parents when they are travelling with them as formal road safety training is not taught to...
We solved in our project deaths of young people in two risk regions roads (Central Bohemian Region and Ústecký (Northern) Region, preparednness of young people to help people after crashes and their preventive behaviour in the roads.
Diffondere la cultura alla guida passando per la prevenzione dei rischi e per la sensibilizzazione alla sicurezza stradale.


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