European Road Safety Charter


La Gestión de la Seguridad Vial dentro de la empresa
In the activities carried out the teachers focused on informing the students about the knowledge of the traffic signs. Different situations have also been simulated in which students have put into practice the things learned. These activities were very important because our school is in a very busy...
Siguranța rutiera-abilitate de viață educabilă permanent
KRESZ Safari (KRESZ is the acronym for the Hungarian Highway Code) is traffic accident prevention programm. The objective is to teach the rules of the road to the children who are the young cyclist and pedestrian road users of today and the motor vehicle drivers of the future, by using the various...
It was noticed that the road surroundings and the home-school routes were unsafe and restrictive to the free movement of the children, especially when walking or cycling. Excessive traffic, speed and abusive parking made it more difficult. Therefore, we wanted to analyze and rethink the space used...
Motorcyclists are vulnerable in traffic. A popular measure to reduce crash risk is motorcycle training. However, there is little evidence for the effectiveness of training. SWOV (Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research) therefore evaluated the ‘Risk’ advanced training course of the Royal Dutch...
Affrontiamo il problema della tutela del bene più importante per chi ogni giorno guida per lavoro, studio o piacere: la vita. Tornare a casa da chi amiamo è un diritto e la cultura della sicurezza stradale è la miglior prevenzione dagli incidenti.
Awareness of the relevance of good practice in road safety, become promoters of road safety in all their personal lives, Implement road safety actions withing young people when beeing pedestrian, bikers or drivers.Improve actual knowledge so it becomes natural behaviour.
BRIDGESTONE POLAND 1Women - drivers in winter driving conditions
Qualità di guida e del comportamento su strada dell’automobilistaPreparazione del guidatore di tutti i giorni a dominare le reazioni istintive errate che possono verificarsi in situazioni di guida sfavorevoli


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