European Road Safety Charter


Mehr als 90 % aller Verkehrsunfälle werden deshalb verursacht, weil die Unfallverursacher Fahrfehler begangen werden. Viele Fahrfehler haben fehlende Aufmerksamkeit und Ablenkung als Ursachen, viele aber auch, weil die Fahrer nicht mehr fahrtüchtig oder fahrgeeignet sind. Polizeibeamte sind die...
Motorcycle casualties are a concern in London as a whole, but there are many different types of riders. In Lewisham we do not have the same rider casualties as a borough only 10 miles away. We are addressing a problem with young riders using a bike to commute, we have limited public transport...
La reducción de los accidentes en la movilidad de los trabajadores, contribuyendo al respeto del medio ambiente.

According to most recent statistics, Romania occupies an unwanted first place among the European states with the highest rate of road accidents. It is known that children are some of the most vulnerable participants in traffic and they require careful and constant adult supervision.Last year, in...
The action is done to prevent and reduce the accidents in travellings between tle production plants.
Our educational concept for this theme , first aid , based on the idea that life is a constant struggle for survival. Succeed in life , not just the most powerful but also the most skilled and preparation through education , first aid and student gives children an additional argument . Specifically...
Education of small Children on Road Safety in order to develop correct Road Safety habits when they grow up and behave sensibly and with responsibility when they will drive.
La primera causa de mortalidad infantil en España es por culpa de los siniestros de tráfico. Un 60% de los menores fallecidos se debía a un incorrecta instalación de los sistemas de retención infantil.
Post road accident collision intervention in line with United Nations (UN) Decade of Action Fifth Pillar (recognises the benefits derived from effective Post Collision Intervention and Care).
Test the driving skills of business drivers.


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