European Road Safety Charter


Raise awareness on the dangers on the road and learn how to respond effectively. The primary goal of our educational activities is the absolute reduction of road accidents involving young drivers aged 18-25. All activities are conducted in the spirit of promoting the philosophy EcoDrive.
La FUNDACIÓN GESTRAFIC pretende incrementar y mejorar los canales de comunicación entre los conductores y las Administraciones, promoviendo el diálogo y la cooperación a favor de la defensa de los derechos legalmente reconocidos y de una seguridad vial más efectiva.
Accidents due to Drink Driving.
BRIDGESTONE UKRoad safety outside UK primary schools
BRIDGESTONE POLAND 2Young drivers initial education
BRIDGESTONE HUNGARYEquip paramedics on motorbikes with premium tires, so that they can quickly get to the victims of the accident
Only in Belgium nearly 50 accidents are registrated caused by the blind spot. Victims are mostly the vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and bikers. The classic blind spot located at the right side of a truck plays an important role upon analysing those accidents. It should be said...
Apart from health hazards, alcohol and drug consumption of youths and young adults represents a big problem - especially in road traffic. The number of accidents of young male and female novice drivers is – according to accident statistics of all European countries – above the average, although the...
To reduce the total number of deaths in car accidents We believe that by influencing people’s way of thinking on road safety, we will contribute to the reduction of car accidents. Besides, the application of laws and principles in Greece tends to be a very critical issue. We have chosen to...
L'amélioration des comportements relationnels entre les usagers de la voie publique (la route et la rue étant considérée comme des espaces aux risques spécifiques).


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