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Motorcycle crashes account for a disproportionate number of motor vehicle deaths and injuries in the EU and worldwide. Motorcycle helmet use can lead to an estimated 42% reduction in risk for fatal injuries and a 69% reduction in risk for head injuries. Therefore encouraging the use of helmets of motorcycle riders can help reduce dramatically the number of fatal injuries.

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Powered two wheeler riders (excluding micromobility)


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Christoforos Kachris

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SafeDisplay has been deployed on the Ilioupouli city (suburb) of Athens in Greece in collaboration with the municipality of Ilioupoli.

Please describe the project activities you carried/are carrying out and the time period over which these were implemented.

SafeDisplay automatically recognizes if motorbike riders wear helmets and shows the information on the display to encourage the riders to wear helmets.
Using advanced machine learning and computer vision, SafeDisplay can automatically recognize the motorbike and the use of motorbike helmets.
Use the SafeDisplay to nudge the riders for the use of safety measure and help reduce the number of road accidents and serious injuries.
If the rider wears a helmet, an encouragement signal (thumps ups) is shown on the road display as a positive reinforcement method to keep using the helmet.
If the rider is not wearing a helmet, then a red helmet appears on the road display to encourage the use of a helmet.


What has been the effect of the activities?

SafeDisplay can also measure the number of violations (number of motorcycle riders that wear helmets and number of motorcycle riders that do not wear helmets). When SafeDisplay was first installed the number of riders wearing a helmet was about 30%-40% daily. After a month of operation the results show that the number of riders wearing a helmet has increased significantly (60-70%), this could have a major impact on the overall road safety.

Please briefly explain why your initiative is a good example of improving road safety.

The device that we have developed encourages (nudge) the use of safety measures (helmets) in order to improve road safety.
Motorcycle helmet use can lead to an estimated 42% reduction in risk for fatal injuries and a 69% reduction in risk for head injuries.
So even a small fraction of riders using a helmet can reduce significantly the fatal injuries saving lives.

How have you shared information about your project and its results?

Currently the device has been installed in one municipality of Athens and we are currently working on the installation in the greater region of Athens (attica). Currently we have shared the information on social media and local press and we plan to further share the information on a larger scale (national).

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