European Road Safety Charter


Guidelines for a Road safety commitment (PDF)

How do I plan, implement and evaluate my road safety actions - Short Version

Guidelines - Focus on Youth Commitment (PDF)

The aim of these guidelines is to assist you to design and carry out the impact assessment for your road safety commitment. These guidelines capitalize on the knowledge gathered from the existing ERSCharter signatories and road safety activities from 2007 - 2013, as well as on expert contributions from the programme scientific advisers. 

Guidelines - Candidates for Good Practice (PDF)

These guidelines have been developed to help the ERSCharter members to apply for the Good Practice label.
They build on the experiences and knowledge gathered from the ERSCharter commitments and road safety activities submitted to date as well as on expert contributions from the scheme's scientific advisers.
By creating a quality mark, the ERSCharter wishes to endorse outstanding road safety practices: commitments characterised by the quality and effectiveness of their approach, by an innovative and creative set of resources, and responding to key road safety challenges.

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