MyLac My Live after the Crash

MyLAC project - jointly conducted by the Vias Institute and FEVR was to gain a better understanding of the range of consequences of road crashes for injured #RoadVictims. Our results showed that about half of the victims that were not considered at fault did not go to court and that a similar proportion of them did not receive any compensation for neither injuries nor for pain and suffering. One possible explanation for that - which was already noted in the previous FEVR inquiry (Fédération Européenne des Victimes de la Route, 1997) - is that the victims lack of information about their rights or about potential resources offered to them and that they are not sufficiently assisted in this process. The current study also showed that even if the victims have access to the judicial system or are eligible for insurance compensation, they are for a large proportion not satisfied with the outcomes either in terms of compensations/judicial decisions or in terms of lengths of proceeding. However while the speed and the efficiency of post-crash responses and of medical intervention have been found to be a crucial factor in subsequent medical and even psychological consequences (World Health Organization, 2016), further efforts should be to take advantage of the possibilities permitted by new technologies : e.g. generalisation of eCall services to all cars and vehicles ; linking police first observation at scene with the hospital records through an integrated electronic record systems and/or databases. Similarly, a better concordance between police and hospital data bases and/or record systems could – prospectively – help to better relate the type of crash and its circumstances with the human consequences for the victims and, therefore, to better inform intervention policies in the future. While the current report focused on the human consequences of road traffic crashes, consideration about road safety measures and policies fell outside its scope. However, one should not ignore the fact that road safety is the main preventative means for reducing the global burden of road traffic injuries for societies. In that respect, the health impacts and burden of road traffic injuries from a road safety point of view are relatively new research fields.