Road Safety Authority - Child Car Seat Education Initiatives

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Road Safety Authority - Child Car Seat Education Initiatives

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Primrose Hill, Ballina, Co. Mayo

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Aisling Sloyan

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Project activities

If you work together with external partners, list the most important partners and briefly describe their role.

We work with many external partners in the promotion of child safety in cars, the RSA Check it Fits service and the Code of Practice for child car seat retailers. Some examples are below:

Supermarkets / Retail Parks / Child Car Seat Retailers host our Check it Fits service for free, all over Ireland.

Child Car Seat Retailers are also signed up to the RSA Code of Practice, they help promote the Check it Fits service to their customers and followers, and they also host the service where possible.

Policing Authority in Ireland (An Garda Síochána), also support the initiatives, particularly at local level, and promote and encourage people to engage with the Check it Fits service.

Road Safety Officers in the Local Municipalities assist in the promotion of the service to their local contacts and encourage participation.

Child Car Seat Manufacturers assist by providing training to our experts and supporting them with any technical queries they might have. Some manufacturers have also signed up to the Code of Practice, where they commit to provide training and support to retailers of their child car seat range.

Public Health Staff and Maternity Hospitals assist in raising awareness of child car seat requirements among new parents and encourage parents to visit the Check it Fits service.

Parenting Groups both in person and online assist in the promotion of child safety in cars, check it fits and the code of practice for child car seat retailers.


Please briefly explain why your initiative is a good example of improving road safety.

We are committed to adopting and implementing the Safe System Approach and dedicated to achieving Vision Zero by 2050. Of the 7 safe system priority intervention areas, this particular service lends itself to the 'Safe Road Use' area i.e. our child car seat education initiatives ensures children are travelling safely on our roads. Children are very precious cargo and although we are fortunate in Ireland to have relatively low numbers of child passenger fatalities on Irish roads, you will agree that even one child fatality is unacceptable. We believe these important education initiatives will help us achieve Vision Zero by 2050.

We have demonstrated that with a combination of various education /awareness initiatives, methods and platforms, we have achieved a significant reduction in the level of child car seat misuse, plus an impressive reduction in the severity of child car seat misuse in Ireland.

These initiatives are easily repeatable, at various levels, in other countries and by other organisations / groups. Governmental commitment and dedication from various agencies is required to give appropriate priority and authority to these important matters.

Building public trust in the initiative and offering it to the public in a neutral, non-commercial, non-judgmental way is paramount to the success of initiatives relating to child car seat education.