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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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Automobile Association Ltd.


The AA (Automobile Association Ltd.) is the largest motoring organisation in the UK. Its main purpose is to provide motorist related breakdown, insurance and other products. It is also the 'motorists' champion' i.e. campaigning on motoring issues. In 2008 it set up The AA Charitable Trust for Road Safety and the Environment with objectives to reduce death and injury of new young drivers.

Number of staff: approx. 7000.

Number of individual members: approx 5.7 millions.


Road Safety Expo

Road Safety Expo: Annual event which was set up in 2007, now running in it's third year. We are committed to bringing together Road Safety professionals from around Europe for a series of knowledge-sharing seminars and conference programmes in a continuing aim to reduce road casualties.


With over 30,000 employees in Europe, Arriva operates a range of transport services across eight Member States (Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK) and provides more than one billion passenger journeys across the EU every year. Arriva's product range spans urban and inter-urban bus services, regional and inter-city rail services through to demand-responsive transport for the elderly and disabled and water taxis.

Bromley - London Borough of Bromley

Bromley is the largest London borough with 295,532 inhabitants in 1991. Located in the south east of the capital Bromley borough has one of the highest car ownership levels in London. The result is severe traffic congestion at peak periods (and increasingly at other times too). In the field of road safety, the responsibilities of the council are from supporting the preventive campaigns and school education to investments into infrastructure.

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council has established a cross-disciplinary team of officers in order to deliver the Inner City Road Safety Demonstration Project. This team includes one Road Safety Officer, two travel Plan Officers, twelve Engineers and external partners from the University of West England (Bristol) and the local community.

Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council is the local government organisation responsible for the administration of Aberdeen City, the third City of Scotland. Aberdeen lies on the north-east coast of Scotland and has a population of 220000 with a similar number resident in Aberdeenshire, generally within commuting distance of the City.

Road Safety Scotland

Road Safety Scotland (RSS) is a part of the Scottish Government, with responsibility for road safety education and publicity in Scotland. We produce a suite of road safety education resources for each stage of a child's formal education career, and also design publicity campaigns to tackle specifically Scottish issues and support police enforcement. Number of staff: 5

Islington - London Borough of Islington

London Borough of Islington has 175.000 inhabitants. The role of Islington Council is to make decisions in the community’s best interests. In the field of road safety, the responsibilities are from supporting the preventive campaigns and school education to investments into infrastructure.

West Sussex County Council

West Sussex Council's task is to maintain roads safer (2,500 miles: 4,000 km of public roads) and ensure the safety of road users. It also supports public transport and encourages environmentally friendly ways of travelling.
Delivering safer roads in West Sussex is a key priority; schemes and initiatives to contribute to accident reduction will be taken.

Glasgow City Council

Glasgow, with a population of around 600,000, is Scotland's largest city and is the commercial capital of Scotland. The City Council works with partner agencies including Scottish Enterprise, the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Valley Tourist Board, Greater Glasgow Health Board, public sector organisations, educational institutions and the private and voluntary sectors.


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