European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 


PuntoHuesca is an association dedicated to social engineering and support to innovative companies, creating and developing ideas. It has one founding member and 2 collaborators.

Fundación Internacional de la Salud

The International Health Foundation is a private independent organisation, the main objective of which is to promote all forms of health through training activities for the general public and professionals.

Wind Mill Association

The AEE (Asociación Empresarial Eólica) is a business association of companies in the wind energy sector. It has 156 members and deals with the promotion and defence of wind energy.


Endphasys is a division of Fototype Comunicación Gráfica. It deals with graphic production, software development, multimedia, websites, videogames, etc. The company is made up of 15 employees.

Ayuntamiento de Sevilla

Government body and administration of the city of Seville, capital of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.
699,145 citizens.

Ediciones Matfer SL

Ediciones Matfer is present throughout Spain. It has established itself as one of the leading brands in the sector of manufacturing and supply of educational road safety material. At present, as well as being a well-established and thriving company, it is an important source of employment, with a team comprising directors and road safety teachers, psychologists and teachers, IT engineers, graphic design experts, commercial agents, administrative staff, dispatch and logistics staff, etc.

Sagunto Local Police Road Safety Education Department

The Road Safety Education Department of Sagunto Town Council comprises an approved children’s traffic park. The department gives theory and practical classes at schools in the municipality. It works together with public bodies such as the Department for Transport.

Ayuntamiento de Mérida

Mérida City Council governs the city and provides basic public services (water, drainage, cleaning, public roads, etc.) to its citizens. It currently has 800 permanent employees. It has 100 local police officers, who are responsible for traffic and by-laws.

Autoescuela Facultad

Company devoted to road training in the Zaragoza area. It has 15 employees, initiatives in road safety projects and the intention to extend its services.

Getafe Town Council "Local Police"

The Getafe local police force (Madrid province, 158,363 inhabitants) is primarily in charge of traffic regulation and order and citizen safety. It employees 257 people in a hierarchical structure. The current hierarchical scale comprises 6 subofficials, 9 sergeants, 17 corporals and 225 officers.


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