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Romanian Brewery Association

The "Brewers of Romania" Association covers 80% of the Romanian beer industry and since the 1st of January 2008 has joined the large European family of the "Brewers of Europe", getting actively involved in large-scale projects. The members of the "Brewers of Romania" Association are Heineken Romania, InBev Romania, United Romanian Brewers Bereprod and Ursus Breweries.

City Hall of Brasov - Primăria Municipiului Braşov

Situated in the centre of Romania, Brasov is a tourist city, with a population of 283.901. It covers 267,32 km² and it is placed at the crossing of five national roads and the main European road. It is part of the Transylvania area.
Situat în centrul ţării, municipiul Braşov este un oraş turistic cu o populaţie de 283.901 locuitori. Are o suprafaţă de 267,32 km pătraţi şi se află la intersecţia a cinci drumuri naţionale şi un drum principal european. Este parte din zona istorică Transilvania.

Murfatlar Romania

Murfatlar is the leader of the local wine industry. The company produces and bottles several types of Romanian wine, both red and white. Has its own vineyard (3,000 hectare) and a Museum of Vinery and Vineyards. The company employees more than 500 people.
Murfatlar este liderul pieţei locale a vinului. Compania produce şi îmbuteliază câteva tipuri de vin românesc, atât roşu, cât şi alb. Compania are propria sa vie (3.000 de hectare) şi deţine un brand puternic. Are, de asemenea, un Muzeu al Viticulturii şi Viei, un punct de turistic pentru degustare şi peste 500 de angajaţi.

TCE Logistica & Curiero

TCE Logistics is one of the top three courier and express delivery Romanian companies. Our aim is providing all users high quality services for national and local (Bucharest) express delivery deliveries of envelops, packages and parcels, shipping and postal services. We have around 2,000 employees.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania is the coordinator and representative of the most powerful national business network: it has 42 Territorial Chambers, 29 Bilateral Chambers and professional associations. Its main mission is to act as spokesperson of the Romanian Chamber system at both national and international level, and to promote the values of the unique European economical market within its members.

The Romanian Association of Public Transport

Established in 1990, The Romanian Association of Public Transport (URTP) is a professional and employers’ association of the Romanian public transport operators, non governmental, autonomous and apolitical, developing not for profit activities. It has 52 members: 36 of the the most important public transport operators and 16 companies from public transport industry.

Romanian Standards Association (ASRO)

ASRO is a private body of public interest, which represents the organisational frame for the standardisation activity in Romania. The main duties are: coordinating the national standardisation activity, supporting the government policies in the field, optimisations of the performance of Romanian companies on the international markets. We have 105 employees.

Romanian Integrated Bioritm Association (RIBA)

Romanian Integrated Bioritm Association (RIBA) is non-profit organization which has 18 members. RIBA has developed the "Method for the reduction of the risk factors of the road", recommended by Traffic Police in Romania to be applied by all participants in traffic. RIBA has been nominated as member-guest in the Delegation to the Inter Road Safety of the Council of Interministerial Traffic Safety.

Media Drumuri-Poduri

"ROADS & BRIDGES" magazine is a monthly publication of the Romanian Professional Road Association, published and distributed by S.C. MEDIA DRUMURI-PODURI S.R.L. (an advertising agency). The magazine has a 3.000 copy circulation and it represents the correspondent magazine in Romania of A.I.P.C.R. World Road Association. The company has 7 employees.

Politechnical University of Timisoara, Department of Transportation Engineering

The Department of Transportation Engineering is part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara. It has 19 employees and besides working with students, has joint actions with the Municipality of Timisoara (traffic studies), the Ministry of Transport (traffic safety studies) and the Inter-ministerial Council for Road Safety.


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