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Road Traffic Assistance Association from Romania

Road Traffic Assistance Association from Romania consists of county offices spread all over the country. It is an association of eight founding members, representing the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, with five subordinated departments TECHINCAL, IT, MARKETING, ECONOMICS and LEGAL. Currently services have attracted several hundred members. It organizes and conducts activities to help traffic (tracking error, repatriation), maintenance and similar activities, collection, storage, dismantling and recycling of used motor vehicles;  

Arval Romania

A specialist in full service multi-brand vehicle leasing, Arval offers companies tailored solutions aimed at optimizing their employees’ mobility while outsourcing the risks associated with fleet management.

Expert Advice and Service Quality, are delivered in Romania  by over 40 employees.


Skop Driving

Driving Skop organized defensive driving courses, preventive and environmental. The course is recommended by individual users and companies that draw attention to the limits of human limitations and cars, both of utmost importance to anticipate and correct management of potentially hazardous situations.


S.C. Industrie Mică Prahova S.A.

With over 20 years experience in the field, S.C. Industrie Mica Prahova S.A. produces all types of road signs directing traffic while providing activities for road marking, car repairs and painted metal surfaces in electrostatic field. In addition, the company rents commercial and production spaces as well as offices in Ploiesti, Busteni, Valenii de Munte and Breaza.



Centre of Consultancy for Road Victims (CCVR)

Centrul de Consultanta pentru Victimele Rutiere – The Centre of Consultancy for Road Victims (CCVR Romania)  focuses mainly on actively and consistently representing the interests of road traffic victims, on promoting the rights and interests of the victims and their families, on providing counseling and support (social, psychological, technical, medical and legal assistance) for its members. The association also provides support, counseling and assistance throughout legal proceedings with authorities to defend and represent victims' rights.



Tir Magazin

Halcrow Romania

Halcrow acts in infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways and water systems), environment protection, waste management, urban and rural development, restructuring, European integration, infrastructure-based and environmental protection consultancy, design, water resources and river basin development, water supply, wastewater, municipal water, structural, M&E, irrigation, power generation, training, institutional, property and human resources development. It has 92 employees.


Asociaţia Victimelor Accidentelor de Circulaţie România

Asociaţia Victimelor Accidentelor de Circulaţie România este o organizaţie neguvernamentală, cu obiectivul general de a oferi sprijin victimelor accidentelor de circulaţie şi rudelor lor, de a copera cu alte entităţi pentru a promova programele educaţionale în domeniul siguranţei circulaţiei şi de a creşte nivelul de responsabilizare asupra acestei probleme, de a ajuta la dezvoltarea legislaţiei din România pentru a ajunge la standarde europene şi de a implementa la nivel naţional cele mai bune practici internaţionale din domeniu. Asociaţia are 2.200 de membri la nivel naţional.

Asociaţia “Bate Şaua să Priceapă Iapa”

Asociaţia “Bate Şaua să Priceapă Iapa”, fondată în 2004, promovează turismul sustenibil (echitaţia), turismul românesc axat pe tradiţii, turismul românesc bazat pe artă şi cultură. Asociaţia este membră a coaliţiei naţionale Pro Velo din anul 2005, şi fondatoare a Federaţiei Bicicliştilor Români, în 2007. Asociaţia nu are angajaţi permanenţi, dar are 270 simpatizanţi (membri ai listei de discuţii yahoo BateSaua), 25 de membri persoane fizice şi 10 membri companii.


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