European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 

Activități de informare a preșcolarilor, a elevilor și a cetățenilor din comună, privind regulile de circulație, întâlnire cu polițistul care i-a informat despre importanța respectării codului rutier.

Elevii claselor gimnaziale au realizat o vizita la Sectia de politie nr 1 si au realizat materiale privind siguranta si protectia privind circulatia pe drumurile publice

Our activity aims to bring into the market a revolutionary product, easy to use and maintain, which enhance driving safety in the case of health conditions that are manifested by losing consciousness during driving, regardless of age and that may endanger his and other driver’s lives. We aims to satisfy the current needs of people, identified through a market research, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The cardiovascular diseases represent the leading cause of death in the world and accidents caused by drivers with such disorders very serious.

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În perioada 9 – 11 noiembrie 2016, școlile din comuna Udești, județul Suceava, au desfășurat o serie de activități (Micul pieton din Chilișeni știe să circule corect!, Drumul colorat ne-a învățat!, Reguli de circulație asociate diferitelor semne de circulație, Atitudinea corectă pe drumurile publice, Educația rutieră – educația pentru viață contează! etc) în cadrul proiectului de educație rutieră ATENȚIE LA ...NEATENȚIE!.

Academia Titi Aur, situata la doar 29 km de centrul Bucurestiului, la iesirea din Crevedia, este locul unde fiecare sofer poate veni pentru a-si imbunatati stilul de conducere a autoturismului, prin deprinderea unui comportament rutier, constient de riscurile existente in traficul cotidian.

Romania is one of the European countries with the highest mortality rate in road accidents (91 dead to 1 million people in 2014), according to data provided by local authorities.

The students from the primary school were involved in an activity which was developped in collaboration with The Local Police Department. The students were shown traffic signs for pedestrians and they had a conversation with two pollice officers on how to walk safely to school and what behaviour one should have when using the public transport. Afterwards, the police officers showed them the police car and what functions it has. They also played games like "The littel police officer", "I know how to protect myself" and "Perfect safety".

The students from the middle school were involved in an essay-writing contest. The theme of the essay was "Road safety". This competition was the result of our school's collaboration with The Romanian Association for Promoting Road Safety and Education. The winners of the competition received books and the possibility of sitting a Cambridge English exam. The certificates received by the winners can be seen in the attachment.

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