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Este projecto teve o seu inicio em 2014 em parceria com o Núcleo Escola Segura da Guarda Nacional Republicana. A actividade é desenvolvida nas Escolas do Agrupamento, dividindo-se em duas partes, uma teórica e outra pratica. Na actividade teórica o Guarda Principal Machado aborda em sala os diferentes temas relacionados com a temática onde são visionados filmes educacionais. Na segunda parte da actividade o Guarda Principal Machado monta um circuito rodoviário no exterior da escola onde os alunos vão colocar em pratica os conhecimentos adquiridos na primeira parte.

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HealthyRoad is a new technology based company, focused on the development of biometric scanning technologies that could be implemented in professional market. The HealthyRoad Technology will be first applied to the road transportation market in order to contribute for the reduction of the number of road accidents, through the drowsiness and fatigue detection and warning system. As soon as the driver enters in an early stage of these risky conditions, this technology makes a warning sign and advises the driver to make a pause.

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Faculdade de Medicina Dentária
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The second good practice manual, on drinking and driving, was launched by the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) ahead of the UN Road Safety Week. 

Available in EN, ES and PT.

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