European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 

Associação Nacional de Centros de Inspecção Automóvel (ANCIA)

ANCIA - National Association of Vehicle Inspection Centres is the representative association of the entities that dedicate themselves to the activity of vehicle technical inspections in Portugal and has nowadays 65 members and 10 members of staff. ANCIA develops activities and partnerships that lead to the promotion and disclosure of knowledge and practices in the area of vehicle technical inspections.

Mafra Town Council

The Mafra Town Council is a local administrative body of the state, responsible for 300 km of the municipality’s roads, a geographical area of approximately 300 km2 and around 66,000 inhabitants.

Auto Sport Association (Associação Nacional do Desporto Automovel)

The association is responsible for promoting the Portugal OffRoad, Rallycross, Autocross and Crosscar Championships, recognised by the Portuguese Automobile and Kart Federation, and its aim is to promote the media image of the sport. It includes 18 members (the association is recent and the non-official members, which are those who benefit from the association, are the drivers and the organisers, who together are close to 270). It is located in Penafiel and operates on the national level.


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