European Road Safety Charter


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Having been encouraged to the individual reflection about one’s participation in traffic and in order to popularize the traffic regulations, we have decided to take part in a literary competition. The task was to write a letter to your friend who has just started cycling. In a letter the competitors were asked to explain how to behave on the road and why they should ride in a helmet. After writing a text, we have read our letters aloud. The most interesting letters were sent to a competition.

Everybody should know that giving first aid is a very important thing so on the 21st April pupils at IV, V and VI grades participated in meeting with paramedics. The goal was to familiarize the children with methods of giving help to a casualty. Students had an opportunity to learn and to see practical activities such as: checking the condition of the casualty, performing artificial respiration, the recovery position of an injured person, calling for help or putting a person on a stretcher. That was an important lesson. Lets not be afraid of giving help.

Uczniowie Szkoły Podstawowej im. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego w Piątku cyklicznie i aktywnie uczestniczą w działaniach na rzecz bezpieczeństwa w ruchu drogowym. Wraz z najbliższymi: rodzicami, rodzeństwem, babciami, dziadkami wykonują prace plastyczne, piszą wiersze, opowiadania, hasła promujące bezpieczne poruszanie się po drogach, piszą teksty piosenek, wykonują je na forum klasy, szkoły, środowiska lokalnego - uczą się i bawią jednocześnie. Wspólnie ze swoimi nauczycielami tworzą wystawy środowiskowe wytworów swoich prac – plastycznych, literackich, fotograficznych.

As part of a competition announced in our school A cultural cyclist decalogue, students were to work out 10 principles a cyclist should follow. This code should also include traffic regulations and a driving culture. In addition, the students prepared Decalogue layouts. Completed works have been presented for the whole school community exhibition.

In cooperation with WORD (Voivodeship Training Centre For Drivers) at the school feast our teachers organised a feast counter with alcogoggles and narcogoggles (goggles simulating a state of alcohol or drug intoxication). Children and adults could try them out and see the way the person in an inebriated state see the world. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of hazardousness that can be prompted by an inebriated road user. To make the roads safer our school keeps building awareness among pupils.

In the school year 2016/2017 pupils from our school will take part in innovative program "Safety on the scene, or how the language of art to teach children safety rules" organized by the teacher Edyta Sadowska. The lessons are once a week and they are the example subjects are: emergency numbers and important addresses, my way to school, I am safe because I wear reflectors, safe pedestrian – I know how to cross the road safely, safe passenger, we know traffic signs, I am safe on my bicycle, a police officer– the person who can help me.

W lutym 2016 roku odbyło się w naszej szkole niezwykła lekcja, w której nauczycielami byli Ratownicy Medyczni Radomskiej Stacji Pogotowia Ratunkowego. Uczniowie naszych zerówek wzięli udział w zajęciach edukacyjnych dotyczących pracy ratowników medycznych. Celem zajęć przeprowadzonych przez wykwalifikowanych Ratowników Medycznych było pokazanie młodym ludziom prostych czynności ratujących życie oraz przekazanie informacji o tym, jak należy zachować się w sytuacjach zagrożenia czyjegoś życia lub zdrowia.

Już po raz trzeci w naszej szkole w godzinach popołudniowych odbyła się Środowiskowa Wieczornica Seniora z okazji Dnia Babci i Dziadka pod hasłem: ,,Babciu, Dziadku, bądźcie widoczni na drodze”.

Students acquire knowledge which is necessary for giving premedical first aid. During lessons they learn about typical situations with regard to personal safety, proper casualty assessment, preliminary examination, resuscitation and calling medical help.

School Safety Club "10" congratulates all the participants of "I ride safely in a child safety seat" Competition, which consisted of two parts. In the first one students and their parents had to fill in anonymous questionnaires and answer questions such as: How do you get to school? Do you often fasten your seatbelts? Do you use child safety seat and what is its brand name? Do you think using child safety seat is important? In the second part students had to invent a slogan encouraging their schoolmates to ride in a child safety seats until they are 150 cm tall.


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