European Road Safety Charter


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IT is an information portal owned by an individual (Claudio Cangialosi) which, thanks to the voluntary cooperation of a number of people (currently six) now provides information to some 100,000 visitors every month.

JDS S.r.l.

We operate in the Lazio region in education and road safety programmes for middle schools and secondary schools, organise conferences and courses for adolescents, and also work with local authorities (provincial, regional and municipal). We employ a total of 30 members of staff.

San Cristoforo Driving schools

Driving school (moped licences, category B driving licences and higher), 3 centres, 15 employees.

T.T.A. Studio Associato - Trasporti, Traffico e Ambiente

Company comprising two partners, dealing with traffic and mobility planning, road safety and road safety analysis, micro-simulation, environmental impact checks and evaluations, VAS and impact analyses.

Servizio Associato di Polizia Municipale dei Comuni di Candida - Parolise - Salza Irpina - San Potito Ultra - Sorbo Serpico

Associated municipal police service operating in five municipalities (Candida, Parolise, Salza Irpina, San Potito Ultra and Sorbo Serpico), with four employees dealing primarily with urban safety in a catchment area of 4,726 inhabitants over 26.14 km2.

Idea Comunicazione Progetto di Barbara Riva

Barbara Riva’s Idea Comunicazione Progetto is a sole trader business that designs, plans and develops projects for the promotion of a new road safety culture.


We produce emergency identity cards, which contain a series of information on the state of health of a person involved in an accident. This information can be used by the emergency services in the event of an accident.

Global Service 2004 soc coop arl

Global Service 2004 has been involved for years in the development of road and accident prevention signs and markings, car park construction, urban equipment production, and park and tourist trail management. The company has four associates.

Comune di Montemurlo

City council with 90 members of staff. As a local authority body, it provides various services to the public. Through the municipal police force (17 operators), we have been involved for several years in the field of road safety.

G.P.E. Gruppo Pubblica Emergenza di Protezione Civile

The G.P.E. volunteer and civil defence association is a non-profit association with 70 members.


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