European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 

Safe Road Association - Associazione Strade Sicure

Association (35 members) that operates on various fronts relating to road safety, with interventions aimed at reducing road accidents and fatalities.


Centro Antartide – Università Verde di Bologna

The Centro Antartide/Università Verde di Bologna has been active since 1992 in the field of research, education, and environmental and social communication, focusing in particular on road safety and social issues. The centre is based in Via Rizzoli, in Bologna.

Officina della Mente

A volunteer association involved in the prevention of mental illness. It was set up by a group specialising in dealing with bereavement, including psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers and teachers. The association has about 350 members throughout Italy.

Motorevents ASD

MOTOREVENTS is a non-profit sporting and cultural association. Its objectives are to promote the safe and responsible use of motorbikes and cars among young people, improve mobility, road safety and respect for the environment, disseminate the culture of motor sport in all of its forms, and preserve cars and motorbikes and all motor vehicles in general that are of interest from a historical and collector viewpoint. The association has ten members.

Associazione Gabriele Borgogni Onlus

The Gabriele Borgogni Association is a non-profit association that provides financial assistance to young road accident victims and their families for medical treatment and rehabilitation. It is also active in raising awareness as to the problem of road safety on a national level.


Trafficlab is a traffic and road safety bureau; it carries out studies on accident rates, and designs projects including traffic moderation interventions and safety analyses. It is also a site/laboratory for the collection and dissemination of documents on road safety. It has three members of staff.

Martano Town Council – Police Department

Road police body of the Municipality of Martano (9,500 inhabitants), with seven employees. It undertakes activities related to the control, prevention and deterrence of risk behaviours in the field of road safety. It is committed to teaching road safety education in all kinds and levels of school.

Delta Studio

Our studio provides training for territorial emergency personnel. In particular, our ESD driving course, aimed at drivers of emergency services vehicles, raises road safety awareness among an essential group of users.

Vigile Amico Association

A non-profit association that seeks mainly to improve road safety, and also makes proposals and undertakes projects and analyses and other useful initiatives. It has 500 members, including police officers and members of the public.

Brembo S.p.A

Brembo is a world leader in the design, development and production of brake systems and accessories for cars, motorbikes and industrial vehicles, as well as the design and production of passive safety systems. The company markets its products in 70 countries worldwide, with production plants in Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Great Britain, Brazil, the USA, Mexico, China, Japan and India. For its commercial activity, Brembo makes use of companies located close to the main markets supplied, with headquarters in Great Britain, Sweden, France, the USA and Japan.


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