European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 

Lions Club Cosimo de’ Medici

A club engaged in civil social commitment, culture and ethics, and community service for peace and understanding among peoples. It has 45 members, 44 members of staff and an honorary member.

Pitagora Driving School

A driving school teaching people to drive motor vehicles with five employees and three locations.

Crotone City Council

Public Administration entity. Crotone is a municipality with 60,500 inhabitants. It is the capital of the Province of Crotone.

Automobile Club Italia – Aci Roma

L'Automobile Club d'Italia (ACI) è una Federazione di 106 Automobile Club provinciali, che rappresenta e tutela gli intereressi dell'automobilismo italiano, del quale promuove lo sviluppo attraverso la diffusione di una nuova cultura della mobilità e della sicurezza. Migliaia di dipendenti operano per questa autorità pubblica su tutto il territorio nazionale.

Luxottica Group Spa

Luxottica Group is a world leader in the production, distribution and sales of high-end luxury glasses. It has 55,000 employees and is present with its own commercial branches in 130 countries. It has operational headquarters in Italy, the USA, China and Australia, and is listed on the New York and Milan stock exchanges.

AirPackage Technologies

AirPackage Tecnologies operates in the sector of research and development of new technologies applied to driving.

S.S. Mesoraca

S.S.Mesoraca is a sports association made up of a second division football team and a youth sector that involves young people and adolescents. There are approximately 120 people involved, including footballers, coaches and managers.

Tempo s.a.s.

Tempo plans and develops promotional activities in the field of national and international motorsport. It has two headquarters: one in Caltanissetta and another in Bergamo. There are approximately 15 employees.

CONFARCA (ex Confedertaai)

A driving school association that ensures that members are kept up to date, calls for initiatives with the Ministry for Transport, and organises technical workshops and meetings on road education and safety. It has two employees and approximately 2,500 members throughout Italy.

The association “So as not to Forget” in defence of life on the roads (Associazione "per non dimenticare" in difesa della vita sulle strade)

An association that currently has 148 members and aims to raise awareness among schoolchildren about prevention, education and appropriate behaviour on the roads. The commitment takes place primarily on a local and provincial level, and includes regional developments.


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