European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 

Studio Mammini

One-person company operating in particular in the field of technical advice on road accident analysis and reconstruction for courts, insurance companies and private citizens. The company operates nationwide, primarily in the provinces of Pisa and Rome.

Creo Marketing Sport Communications

Creo Consulting is a marketing and communications company that works throughout the country developing association projects between companies investing in publicity and sports bodies.

Consortium Guides Defensive - Consorzio Guida Difensiva

Group of professionals, education and road safety experts, trainers and technicians, selected primarily from the driving school sector, currently with 147 driving schools throughout Italy. The activity comprises: training in driving education methodology, courses in safe driving, defensive driving, environmentally-friendly driving, stability control with motorbikes/cars/heavy goods vehicles, specialist legal advice for members, investigation and research in the field of road accident prevention, etc.

Vivi la

Vivi la is an association that has sought, since 2005 in Putignano and Castellana Grotte, and more recently throughout the province, to disseminate the road safety culture through slogans, photography exhibitions and practical and theoretical multimedia lessons. The association uses these lessons to ensure that young people respect the Highway Code.

Vivi la is a non-profit, apolitical association made up of communication, education, medicine, law enforcement and emergency services professionals.


Milan City Council

Local Administration. Milan is a city in northern Italy, the capital of the Province of Milan and of the Region of Lombardy. It is the second-largest municipality in Italy according to the number of inhabitants (approximately 1,350,000).

Region of Sicily

The Region of Sicily, with approximately 5,100,000 inhabitants, is an autonomous region containing 390 municipalities. Section 7 (Servizio 7°), “Road Safety”, is part of the Transport and Mobility Department of the Region of Sicily. It includes the “Centre for Regional Road Safety Monitoring and Promotion”, which has a director, two managing civil servants and one additional staff member. Its office is located in the Transport and Mobility Department building.

Pisa City Council

Public administration entity. Pisa is a municipality in the Region of Tuscany and the capital of the Province of Pisa. It has some 88,000 inhabitants.

Padua City Council - Comune di Padova

Padua is a city of approximately 210,000 inhabitants and the capital of the province of the same name located in the Region of Veneto. The seat of a prestigious university, Padua boasts a many great monuments bearing witness to a glorious cultural and artistic past, making it a destination for tourists from all over the world.

Michele di Salvia Association

The Michele Di Salvia Foundation was established in 2007 to honour the memory of Michele Di Salvia. It undertakes activities related to medical and scientific progress and research, activities of public and social interest, and cultural and educational initiatives. It plans its own activities and promotes the initiatives through meetings, seminars, courses, publications, rallies and events. It also seeks to maintain an ongoing prevention campaign in the field of road safety.

Alcmeone Comprehensive State Institute (Istituto Comprensivo Statale Alcmeone )

Lower Secondary School located in Crotone


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