European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 

Melissa Town Council

Public Administration entity. Melissa is a municipality with 4700 inhabitants in the Province of Crotone.

Crucoli Town Council

Public Administration entity at the service the citizens. Crucoli is a municipality with 3400 inhabitants in the Province of Crotone.

Petilia Policastro Town Council

Public Administration entity. Petilia Policastro is a municipality with 9600 inhabitants in the Province of Crotone.

ASC Srl GuidaSicura Quattroruote


Since 1995 the ASC company has been in charge of the tracks used by the Domus Publishing Group (handling, performance, safe-driving and off-road vehicles), and the GuidaSicura Quattroruote school (cars, heavy goods vehicles and off-road vehicles).

Mission: to help develop a road safety culture. Staff size: 20.



Italian Association of Road Safety Consultants - A.C.I.S.S.

Association of road safety consultants consisting of technicians from the sector with 10 members promoting awareness and providing information on road use and road safety.

A.PRO.S.I.R. (Association for the Promotion of Individual and Relational Development)

Voluntary non-profit association made up of approximately 40 voluntary workers, including psychologists and therapists, who are dedicated to promoting holistic medicine, protecting psychological-physical health, protecting the rights of people suffering from mental illness, ensuring prevention in the psychological-physical health sector and promoting projects to improve the quality of life.

Co.E.S Italia

The Co.E.S. Italia Federation (of ambulance drivers), which has offices and committees in 11 different Italian regions, aims to promote social, cultural and civil solidarity in the field of education, training and health services. Furthermore, the federation aims to work towards the preservation of health, safety and hygiene in work environments and provides technical and professional training for drivers of emergency vehicles, as well as courses on road safety.

A. Moro State Comprehensive School

Public primary and secondary first-level school. 54 teachers, 16 clerical workers and approximately 500 students.

Cotronei Municipality - Comune di Cotronei

A public administration body. Cotronei Municipality is in the province of Crotone and has some 5,500 inhabitants.

Tuscany Region - Regione Toscana

The Regione Toscana [Tuscany] is a local government body with legislative powers and residual competences compared to the state competences set forth in the Constitution of the Italian Republic; it has its own regional statute, which defines scope, bodies, powers and structure. Tuscany covers a surface area of 22,992 square kilometres and has a population of 3,529,946.


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