European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 

Province of Rovigo

The Province of Rovigo is a national public authority with some 320 employees; it promotes and coordinates the activities of its local community. It has 244,752 inhabitants in 50 municipalities, and covers a surface area of 1,788,64 km2 and over 100 km in length.

Advisings for the Safety - Consulenze per la Sicurezza

One-person company. Safety and fire prevention consultant, safety training activities.

Pectrol soffia e sai

Manufacturer of breath alcohol testers. Manufacture and sale of breath alcohol testers.

City of Turin - Città di Torino

Rome City Council

Rome (with a population of 4,300,000) is the capital city of Italy, and is located in Lazio, a region in the centre of Italy. It is the largest municipality in the country, with 2.8 million residents. Rome City Council has 27,000 employees.

The road we are (La strada siamo noi)

An association that seeks to promote road safety through its website by means of initiatives, contents, news, actions, proposals, fora, etc. The association is made up of approximately five professionals and is based in Genoa.

Radio Studio 97

Radio Studio 97 is a radio station founded in the early 1980s with a mixed audience that broadcasts throughout the territory of the Province of Crotone. The radio station’s team consists of about ten people.

S. Anna Institute, Srl

The Istituto S. Anna of Crotone is a private health care centre operating within the National Healthcare System. It has 164 beds and a coma recovery unit, severe brain damage unit, functional recovery and rehabilitation unit, long-term unit specializing in patients in vegetative states, psychiatric rehabilitation unit and a Day Hospital. The team consists of 215 individuals, ten of them rehabilitation staff.

C.I.S. Pitagora

Association for study, research, informative and awareness-raising campaigns and event organising, comprised of 15 members and 40 young associates.

Association of Professional Engineers of Crotone Province

Professional association to safeguard the title and practice of the engineering profession, with 508 registered members.
Organises refresher courses, control, analysis and administration of the work of its members.


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