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Hungarian Police introduces new reward-point app for drivers

Tuesday, 19 March, 2019 - 09:45 to 12:15
Than Károly street 3-5., II. floor, Széchenyi conference room
Wednesday, 2 April, 2014 - 00:00 to Friday, 4 April, 2014 - 00:00
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Wed, 01/29/2014

Hungarian Scientific Association for Transport (KTE) made a survey at a popular Hungarian summer festival, which highlighted the risk of using a mobile phone while driving. Nowadays not only the voice calls, but the written messages are growing risk factors too. 1/5 of the respondents usually send SMS, e-mails and other kind of messages while driving. The low-budget risk prevention video clip was made in 2004 by KTE and it turned out a success.

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Premium Relations Ltd.

Premium Relations has been established to provide tailor-made, creatively developed full service PR to Hungarian and international companies and local governments. It has particularly deep knowledge in the fields of telecommunication, IT, the pharmaceutical industry, environment protection, transportation and FMCG.


Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata

Budapest Magyarország fővárosa. Lakossága: 1,7 millió.

Municipality of Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary with 1,7 million inhabitants.

Hungarian Road Kft

Cégünk 2010 áprilisában alakult, a rendszerre kizárólagos forgalmazást, védettséget szereztünk fo termékünk a csúszásgátló útburkolati rendszerek kiépítése.

Hungarian Road Kft


The company was founded in April 2010 and it has the exclusive distribution on an anti slip road building system.

It has 2 members of staff. 



ARVAL Magyarország Kft.

Az ARVAL Magyarország Kft. az egyik piacvezető flottakezelő és gépjármű finanszírozó cég Magyarországon, amely a BNP Paribas bank 100%-os leányvállalata.

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