European Road Safety Charter


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The Serres Directorate of Primary Education

The Serres Directorate of Primary Education has overall responsibility for the administration and the operational control of schools in the region. The Directorate supervises monitors, coordinates and guides the operation of the Education office of the region of Serres as well as of that of the schools that it is responsible.




The Driveland driving school is based in Athens, Greece and focuses on delivering educational programs to new drivers as well as the re-training of current drivers. In addition to the traditional methods of teaching the school also provides training through multimedia such as an on-line platform, a driving simulator, a library and an on-line encyclopaedia. The school also deals with the renewals of licenses. is a web magazine based in Thessaloniki, Greece that is dedicated to the world of cars and racing. The magazine, founded in 2007, provides information on the vehicle market in Greece, information on events both in Greece and international, racing news and information on car technical issues. On the magazines portal viewers can also find a digital library on races, racing teams, important people in the world of cars, inventions and achievements.

Eksantas Driving School

The Eksantas Driving School is based in Heraclion, Crete and focuses on educating and reeducating car drivers. The Company was founded by and is owned by Mr Lefteris Mihelakis


Make Roads Safe Hellas

Make Roads Safe Hellas is a new non-profit organization founded in 2010, after a very successful road safety conference held in Chania, in October 2008.

As a member of the International Campaign Make Roads Safe, the aim of the organization is to ensure political commitment and awareness of the magnitude of the problem of injuries from traffic accidents and the promotion of road safety issues as critical for sustainable development.


The Municipality of Agia Varvara

The Municipality of Agia Varvara is located west of Athens and is in charge or all local governing issues. The municipality has a total registered population of over 30 000 citizens.


Young Safe Drivers

Young Safe Drivers, is a Greek Non Profit Company, whose purpose is to promote responsible safe driving through education and cutting edges technology that encourages our youth to take responsibility for safety on our roads. The company is dedicated to finding innovative methods through software cell phone development and education that can be implemented not only in Greece but internationally.


Attikes Diadromes A.E.

Attikes Diadromes A.E. was founded in the year 1999 and is assigned with the operation and maintenance of the Attiki Odos highway.

The main objective of Attikes Diadromes is to ensure the continuous, uninterrupted and smooth operation of the motorway (24 hours a day, 365 days a year), along with the provision of top quality services to the users.


Soma Hellinon Proskopon (Scouts of Greece)

Soma Hellinon Proskopon (Scouts of Greece) is the oldest and largest movement today for children and young people in Greece. The Association is a founder member of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. It currently has 25,000 active members both boys and girls. It's cause is non-profit and its aim is to provide extracurricular education through the implementation of the Scout system; this takes place within the context of development and education of youth as defined by the State Constitution and Laws.


Avin Oil S.A.

Avin Oil S.A. - a company belonging to Motor Oil Hellas S.A. - is a petroleum company that has been operating in the Greek market since 1977. With 500 retail stations operating under the AVIN brand it has a market share of approximately 10% (2010 data). It currently employs 230 staff and its main activities involve the distribution and marketing of a wide range of petroleum products including gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricants through its retail network. Its activities also cover the industrial, commercial and marine sectors.



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