European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 

Municipality of Patras

Patra is the third largest city in Greece with 160.000 inhabitants. The City is one of the main centres of the political, economic, administrative and cultural life of western Greece.


Greek Brewers Association

Acting as the representatives of beer producers in Greece, the association endeavours to inform its members on international developments in the brewing industry, review and/or research educational programmes for specialised personnel and promote the industry through seminars and other events regarding the production and distribution of beer. The members of the association employ approximately 2,000 people.

Hellas Centre for Research and Technology / Hellenic Institute of Transport CERTH/HIT

The Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) is devoted to the promotion and execution of transport research in Greece. It forms part of the Hellas National Centre for Research and Technology (CERTH) and operates under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Development. HIT is supported by approximately 70 researchers, external experts and university professors.

Plaisio Computers A.E.B.E

Plaisio was established in 1969 in Athens. Through the years, the company has grown to become the market leader in computer products, office products & EOS, communications and telephony and digital home and portable entertainment. Plaisio Computers currently employs 1,200 members of staff.

Hellenic Fuels SA - BP Hellas

Hellenic Fuels SA. deals with ground fuels storage, distribution and sales via dealers retail sites. The company currently operates six fuel storage terminals, 20 owned road tankers and is in control of 200 contracted road tankers. Product retail sales are handled through 1100 retail sites operated by dealers. 

Hellenic Fuels S.A. uses BP trademarks under license from BP plc for all ground fuels.

It belongs to the group of companies of HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A (


EFTHITA (ΕΥΘΥΤΑ) - Hellenic Association for Road Traffic Victims Support


EFTHITA (ΕΥΘΥΤΑ) is a greek NGO, a group of volunteers aiming to offer medical and legal advice and psychological support to road accident victims, but also to prevent further road accidents from happening mainly by informing and motivating the general public of all ages. It has been established in Rhodes in 2004, after the death of the 19-year old son of Eleni Karidi, the current president of EFTHITA in a road accident. EFTHITA currently has enlisted 100 volunteers.



ILPAP (Athens and Piraeus Area Electric Busses S.A) is an affiliated company to the Athens Public Transportation Organisation (APTO). Its main task is to deliver transportation services via electrical busses, according to schedules and programs that are drafted by APTO. ILPAP serves 80 million passengers on a yearly basis utilizing a 350 km long overhead network while covering 22 routes. ILPAP owns 366 busses and occupies 1600 employees.


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