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Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)

Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization


CYCO, the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization, is now the Secretariat of the youth clubs in Cyprus and is registered as a non-profit, nongovernmental organization. There are now 97 Youth Clubs in Cyprus and function as social and recreational centres targeting young people ages 13 to 35. While participating in structured and periodic activities, young people experience achievement, leadership, enjoyment, friendship, and recognition.



Democratic Party Youth (NEDIK)

Democratic Party Youth (NEDIK) is the youth organisation of Democratic Party of Cyprus. Our primary goal is to ensure the solution of youth problems through different activities and events. NEDIK has 12 employees and 5500 members from 12 years old until 34 years old.


Lanitis Ltd - Coca Cola Cyprus

Lanitis Bros is a member of the Coca-Cola Hellinic Group. It produces and distributes non-alcoholic beverages. Its product portfolio includes soft drinks, water, milk, juices, coffee, sports drinks and dairy products.

It employs 600 people.


Lions Clubs International D117B Cyprus

The members of the Lions Club are members of the Lions Clubs International, the biggest non-governmental, non-profit organization of the world. The Lions work, help, lead, plan and supp the unique needs of the communities we live in. Its logo is: “WE SERVE”. In Cyprus is has 900 members

The Youth Board of Cyprus

The Youth Board of Cyprus aims to become the most vivid Agency among the Civil Service and Semi-Government Organisations, a body to express the most vital part of society: young people. This can be achieved through programmes and support services for young people, advising the state on youth issues, creative leisure activities and infrastructure projects.


Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd


Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd belongs to the Alpha Bank Group and it offers the entire range of banking and financial services including retail, SME and corporate banking, credit cards, insurance services etc. In the local market it operates 37 branches across Cyprus and has managed to capture a significant market share that ranks the Bank among the four largest on the island.



George Tjirkallis & Sons Ltd

George Tjirkallis & Sons Ltd is a Mechanical & Automotive Engineering company operating in the field of road accident investigation and motor vehicle roadworthiness testing. As from 2009 George Tjirkallis & Sons Ltd, establish a Training Centre for Professional Drivers (EKKO GT), with the aim to train professional drivers on how to use their vehicles, to promote defensive driving and thus reduce the number of road accidents and especially fatal road accidents in Cyprus.



Hellenic Tzilalis (Cyprus) Ltd

Our company deals mainly with the transport of waste in the local market, utilising various types of vehicles including: hook loader and skip loader trucks, refuse collection vehicles, tractor trailers etc. The company is also active in the local recycling/repackaging market with an input in the recycling of paper/cardboard as well as a member in the upcoming waste to energy plant.


Click Magazine


Click magazine is a magazine for students (Universities - Colleges) and over 10000 copies are distributed to all students across Cyprus. It is also sent abroad.




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