European Road Safety Charter


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code 


Gantalcala Youth Association brings together more than 250 members across 27 regions in Europe. Gantalcala aims to offer informal education opportunities to young people across Europe. Gantalcala currently has four branches, in Seville, Spain, La Rioja, Spain, Grenoble, France, and Brussels, Belgium.


The Belgacom Group is Belgium's leading provider of integrated telecommunication services, offering a complete quadruple-play solution that integrates fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and television to professional and residential customers. With 18,000 employees, a fleet of 8,000 vehicles, 5,200 active suppliers, 4.6 million mobile customers, 4.2 million residential and almost 1 million professional customers (fixed lines), we can influence the road safety footprint.

Solutia Europe B.V.B.A.

Solutia creates performance materials that are used primarily in the automotive and architectural, transportation and industrial markets. While Solutia is based in the United States, it is truly a global company. It has more than 60 locations across five continents, and over 55% of its sales come from outside the United States. It has 16 sites (factories or offices) in different countries of Europe, with more or less 1000 employees.


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