European Road Safety Charter

XV International Conference "Contemporary aspects of safety" in Lodz, Poland

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We are pleased to announce XV International Conference will be held on 20-21 September 2017 on Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport, Poland.

Last editions dedicated to topics dealing with safety, rescue and first aid attracted broad interest and encouraged us to organize Conference titled “Contemporary aspects of safety".

The participants will have an opportunity to hear the lectures of invited experts and take part in discussion on the topic of the Conference “Contemporary aspects of safety”




Main topics of the Conference:


• Mass-casualty - interservice cooperation on example of the accident on Autostrada A1

• Terrorism prevention, Berlin example

• Interservice cooperation in caseof danger

• Piro-Trauma Life Support – first aid interservice cooperation

• Airport open zone in the light of present threats 

• Safety and protection in civil aviation

• Unmanned aircraft and civil aviation protection

• Modern methods of management of the nature in the airports

• Drugs trade in the network – phenomenon, danger, prevention

• Danger in the network, unprotected participants – prevention

• Marihuana – what policeman and rescuer should know

• Educational possibilities in drugs and NSPA prevention

• Common access to defibrillation – airport, street, office,

• Road safety – strategy of development,

• Contemporary challenges in air traffic safety

• Local solutions dealing with preparation to giving first aid on the example of other European countries

• Road safety – new roads, new challenges,

• Road safety education in companies managing fleets 

• Illegal migration prevention in the context of 

tasks for Border Guards

• Aircraft safety in Poland

• Mass catastrophes – searching for overall solutions with cooperation of local governments and uniformed services,

• State of preparedness of medical staff

• Unprotected traffic participants, educational challenge and contemporary safety cases

• Road Safety and the quality of courses for learner drivers, particularly highlighting first aid

• Role of Polish Board Guard in combating the threats of CBRN

• New psychoactive substances – multifaceted social and health hazard,


The organizers of this year Conference are: Road Safety Center in cooperation with Provincial Police Headquarters of Lodz and Nadwiślański Border Guard Department.