European Road Safety Charter

Wind Mill Association

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Among the activities planned by the working group for the prevention of work-related risks in the wind energy sector, Road Safety good practice manuals (2,000 in total) will be promoted and disseminated among the members of AEE (Asociación Empresarial Eólica).
A permanent item on road safety will be included on the working group agenda, to deal with issues and proposals related to road safety. If necessary, a new sub-group will be established for this specific purpose.
Member companies will receive monthly information about good driving practices through the dissemination via e-mail and the website of issues and news related to road safety.
A road safety area will be set up on the AEE website, featuring all of the documents related to road safety produced by the risk prevention working group.
The AEE will deal with the issue of road safety with other European wind energy associations, exchanging experiences at specific meetings planned by our partners or members (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, the EWEA-European Wind Energy Association, national associations, and the GWEC-Global Wind Energy Council) and at meetings organised by the AEE itself.
The actions targeting our 156 members will affect 25,000 people.