European Road Safety Charter

“When I Drive I Drink NA Beer”

The Czech Beer and Malt Association (CBMA) takes an active role in promoting a responsible approach to alcohol consumption. One of its self-regulation activities is the project „When I Drive I Drink NA Beer“, which was launched in 2011 and aims to encourage responsible behavior among drivers. The project’s objective is to both minimize the occurrence of alcohol behind the wheel, which is a major cause of serious road accidents, and to increase awareness of non-alcoholic beer as a safe alternative, in terms of law enforcement and driver safety. Road shows in cooperation with the Czech Police were held in 2011. In addition to these activities are promotional activities at summer festivals /beer festivals, and the website which went live in June 2012. The partners of the road show activities are CBMA member breweries and the Czech Police. The aim is to reward responsible drivers who successfully pass the alcohol-breath test and motivate them to behave responsibly and to respect the law. Promoters of road safety checks conducted by the Police informed the public on the ban of alcohol while driving and distributed branded alcohol testers to responsible drivers along with samples of NA beer. Public festivals by CBMA member breweries are one or multi-day promotional events aimed at prevention and education regarding the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption. The goal is to highlight the general underestimation of the impact of alcohol on the mind and behavior of people and to positively influence the attitudes of people towards greater accountability. Promoters actively reach out to festival visitors and communicate with them on the topic of safe driving without alcohol. For visitors there is a pair of specially adapted goggles (“drunk goggles”) that evoke the feeling of being drunk. With this device visitors can try to handle common tasks with reduced visual perception, comparable to that experienced after drinking alcohol. In this way a sober individual can recreate the state of drunkenness and experience the altered perceptions associated with it. The project´s website informs visitors about the various SCR activities and provides additional data on non-alcoholic beer.