European Road Safety Charter

West Sussex County Council

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

To deliberately take the initiative of implementing measures going beyond the regulatory requirements in force, namely, in the framework of its road safety strategy and during the next three years :
carry out and report on a countywide child safety audit ;

Review the priority mechanisms for road safety schemes to reflect the new targets for casualty reduction, and to take account of public concerns about road safety;

Identify schemes for 20 mph zones in residential areas with high density of child and elderly casualties ;

Investigate casualty rates for the elderly in consultation with the Health Authority.

Develop the implementation of 3 clusters of safer routes to schools. Completion of the programs for Horsham, East Grinstead and Crawley, with additional smallscale measures introduced in Burgess Hill, Fernhurst, Midhurst and Rustington ;

Develop Footsteps - schools training programme for pedestrians. This involves running schemes in new school different from the 9 initial ones, theatre and education projects at schools ;

Implement 5 walking bus schemes and consider implementing 9 further ones ;

Extend the Road Safety and Travelwise quiz to additional schools and redefining the content to reflect the new strategy. So far, 114 schools have participated ;

Extend the introduction of pre-driver school education. So far Drivetime has been seen by 900 students ;

Seek to train 2000, 17 - 25 year olds, in advance driver techniques over the next 3 years ;

Expand the speed commitment programme and its promotion beyond the 23 schemes running ;

Increase the number of street lighting column replacements and repairs with the target of 1300 columns repaired / replaced annually ;

Implement at least 10 new speed limits in rural village each year ;

Develop route management schemes for speed and casualty reduction ;

Develop a trial scheme for speed management in rural areas ;

Implement vehicle activated signs for speed management, with the implementation of at least 10 new sites ;

Assess the effectiveness of minor works (safety) schemes undertaken by the Area Office.