European Road Safety Charter

We teach how to avoid danger but we also teach how to help others.

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For the last few years there is an educational program in our school carried on. This was thanks to Jurek Owsiak’s Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (an organization to help the others in need). The program is entitled “We rescue and we teach how to rescue”. We realise that everybody can be a witness of a traffic accident and therefore should know how to behave in such situation. Thanks to this knowledge many human lives can be saved. In our school students are taught first aid abilities all year round. Since 2014 these activities we due to “Safe Road” project. The majority of the teachers in our school have graduated from first aid courses. There are several lessons about first aid abilities for all the students every year. On 15th April 2015 the students of our school took part in a national program “First Aid – it’s very easy”, which was organized by Polish Rails and WOŚP. It took place on the railway station in Radom. On that day every person met on the station could learn First Aid abilities. The students task was fo invite people to take part in this activity and they we very helpful and eager to do it. Our activities are mostly local. Therefore in June 2015 we invited our students’ parents to our school to teach them First Aid abilities. There is a film about it and thanks to it we were in the finals of national competition about First Aid organized by WOŚP. The film can be seen on youtube On 13th September 2015 the students from our school made a show during The Autumn Festival. The purpose of this was to present First Aid abilities. It was watched by the people living nearby. Later they cheered the students.