European Road Safety Charter

We know how to call for help – we save life

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The European Day of Emergency Number 112 is in the school calendar every year. There was a school event on 11th February 2015. The people invited to our school said that the real problem are the people who call 112 just for fun and they really don’t need help. The meeting was organized together with a police station from Radom and was hosted by a police officer – Kamila Adamska. During the first part of the event, the students found about how to be safe on the road. They also watched a film about emergency number 112 a how to behave on the place of accident. In the next part the students of classes 3b and 2c presented some slogans about 112 number and acted some scenes about first aid. This artistic program was a kind of a lesson for other students. It proved to be successful as later the students answered all the questions given by the police officer. The contestants of this competition were gives prizes. The end of the event was the art competition about emergency number 112. The winners were given bikes and helmets. The prizes were founded by Mazovian Voivodship Office. They were given students by the school head-teacher Mrs. Małgorzata Suligowska, the Mazovian Voivodship manager Mrs. Marta Michalska-Wilk and a police officer Krzysztof Jabłonka. We are currently in preparation for the next celebration of the Day of the European Emergency Number. An account of the course of events will be sent soon.