European Road Safety Charter

We do educational project „Safe Road” and innovative program „Safety and First Aid”

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Our school is active in doing activities about safety on the roads. It is very important for us to teach very young children how to behave and be safe on the road. It is because Radom is a quite big city with heavy traffic and our school is near busy roads with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. The teachers in our school want our students to be safe on the roads. That’s why they want them to gain necessary knowledge about traffic rules. Therefore they organize many school competitions and school meetings about safety on the roads. The activities are due to a schedule “Safe Road”, which is a program for the next several years. Last year there was a meeting with a police officer, an educational program “Safe and vulnerable road user”, a memorial for the traffic victims, an innovative program “Safety and first aid”, a program “We rescue and we teach how to rescue”, a program “Traffic accidents- let’s talk”, a program “Emergency number 112”, and many school competitions about safety on the roads. Since September 2015 first class students are taking part in an innovative program “Safety and first aid” organized by the teacher Edyta Sadowska. The lessons are once a week and they are the example subjects are: emergency numbers and important addresses, my way to school, I am safe because I wear reflectors, safe pedestrian – I know how to cross the road safely, safe passenger, we know traffic signs, I am safe on my bicycle, a police officer– the person who can help me. This innovative program is not only about safety on the roads but also about first aid. The students use the elements of the Mobile Town as well as the Little Ann manikin. The students learn how to be safe by doing different exercises, playing games, singing songs, watching films and presentations.