European Road Safety Charter

A Visit of The Road Transport Inspectors from Kraków

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On 29 October 2015 the Road Transport Inspectors visited our school. They met with the pupils from grades 2 and 3 and the members of the School Safety Club. The inspectors gave a talk about how to be safe on the road and pavement and how to behave on a pedestrian crossing. They emphasized the necessity of being visible and reminded children of the obligation to wear fluorescent elements. Pupils intently watched a PowerPoint presentation about being safe on the road as a pedestrian, a cyclist and a passenger. They also had the possibility to try on the Road Transport Inspectors’ hats and to see how the Inspectors work. Then pupils were invited to see a real Road Transport Inspection car. Children were very involved in the meeting and they triggered the guests with an avalanche of questions. Finally, they were given fluorescent elements and gadgets with the Road Transport Inspection’s logo on them. The school also got a present – the mascot of “Krokodylek Tirek” (a crocodile called Tirek) which is to remind pupils of the importance of safety on the roads.