European Road Safety Charter

A Visit To The Fire Brigade Headquarters – How To Notify of an Accident

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On 16th September fourth-grade pupils visited the Fire Brigade Headquarters in Dąbrowa Tarnowska. Pupils marched the streets of the town under the watchful eyes of police officers who were there to guarantee children’s safety. Having reached the destination, pupils were shown the equipment of a fire engine. Everybody could try a fireman’s helmet on or sit behind the wheel of a vehicle. Those who were brave enough could try their hand at an obstacle course or hold a fire hose and pour water trying to hit the target. Thanks to such activities, children could learn about firefighters’ work, the equipment they use and how to behave during a fire. Pupils had the opportunity to see the true nature of being a firefighter when suddenly the visit was disrupted by the alarm and firefighters had to go to a road accident. It stirred up a lot of emotions. Some pupils thought that it was only a demonstration prepared for classes but the alarm was real. Then, firefighters talk about how a fire may start and how to behave properly if it happens. Children were also invited to see the room where the duty officer receives notifications of a fire or road accident. Next, pupils came into a specially adapted room where they encountered a real threat of a fire. In that place they could put theory into practice and call a fire brigade by phone, use a fire extinguisher and evacuate safely. When the visit came to an end, pupils thanked firefighters and gave them a certificate of distinction. Classes in the Fire Brigade Headquarters were part of a project called “Safe House” directed to children and young people. Their aim was to educate students on proper behavior in the face of a fire. We are going to visit firefighters next year as well.