European Road Safety Charter

Verband der Motorjournalisten (VdM) e.V.

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In the framework set by the European Road Safety Charter, we commit to carry out the following activities:
We will support basic and advanced training of mobility and motor journalists through programmes that are focused on those areas within mobility and motor journalism that are concerned with the improvement of research accuracy of road safety as well as political traffic safety themes.
In cooperation with the vehicle industry representatives in Europe we will also challenge and encourage our members through practice seminars about knowledge development with regards to traffic safety.
The association funds its work for the improvement of traffic safety though membership fees and sponsorship from the industry, and will in the future dedicate around 30 - 40,000 € per year solely to this purpose.
The Association of Motor Journalists (VdM e.V.) has been committed to road safety for 60 years. Every year, the association awards the Diesel Ring to individuals who have rendered outstanding services to traffic safety in the interests of the general public. For the past 50 years, the VdM has also been awarding the Johny Rozendaal watch. This is the legacy of a motor journalist who during, as well as after, the Second World War was a prominent advocate for the traffic safety of European-manufactured cars. We will continue awarding these two prizes in the future, and in order to promote the "Europeanisation" of the professional association for, the prizes will also be publicised and awarded all over Europe.
Duration of the commitment 3 years

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