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Union of Belgian Brewers

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The Belgian Brewers were (together with the Belgian Institute for Road Safety) 15 years ago one of the founders of the BOB campaign. Today we want to improve the campaign and focus on specific target groups based on new research. Our action relates to a decrease of driving under the influence of alcohol. Key indicators are alcohol tests performed by the police: on week nights mostly drivers between 40 to 49 years had an excessive concentration of alcohol in the blood, on weekend nights mainly young people (25-39 years).
By directing targeted messages to these target groups, we want to promote the formula of the 'designated driver'. The designated driver is a person who abstains from alcohol on a social occasion in order to drive his/her companions home safely. That way we aim to reduce the percentage of drivers with excessive blood alcohol content.
We will perform qualitative research into the motives of the target groups: what prevents them from being 'BOB' (designated driver) when going out? (July 2010)
Subsequently, we will formulate messages aimed to help to overcome these obstacles (September -October 2010). The content of the messages will be adapted to those specific target groups. This will be done in consultation with our partners (Belgian Institute for Road Safety and Assuralia) and a campaign office. These messages will be disseminated through conventional media (radio, television, billboards, POS materials in bars...) but especially through the new social media.
Finally, we will select the appropriate media to communicate these messages in the most adequately way to the target group (end 2010).
We also organise field activities in such as Alcohol test, leaflets and alcohol goggles... during festivals and events.
Depending on the results and evaluation, we may extend this campaign.

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